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  Updated: May 15, 2010

Papers: Algeria fears of spreading Shiism

By: Anjum Kermani

PARIS, France: A number of Arab dailies reported that Algeria fears spread of Shiism quoting a newspaper Al-Charooq Al-Jazaeriyah which wrote an item titled ‘Algerian fear because of spread of Shi’ism …. After 50 Algerian students converted to Shiite in Iran’.

The report further said that Algerian sources told fifty Algerians converted to Mazhab-i-Haqqah following their admission in Hauzah al-Elmiyah in the holy city of Qom.

The report added: "Scholars/clerics have warned the risk of spreading Shiism in Algeria, because these young people will return laden with Shiia ideas and beliefs…’ noting that there are students from 72 countries, Muslim and non-Muslim migrated to the holy city of Qom, to learn the Shiism, which include dozens of seminaries."

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