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 Updated: April 27, 2013

Association of Moroccan HR demands Rabat to stop Riyadh from demolition

By: Nabil raza

RABAT, Morocco: The Moroccan Association for Citizenship and Human Rights has accused Saudi government to "destroy" the important Islamic sites just to compensate accommodation, shopping centers, fine dining, "where the home of Ummul Mominin Sayedah Khadija (S) has become cycle of public water,".

The statement further noted that "the authorities are trying to demolish the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, soon.”

The Association appealed to the Moroccan government to intervene "soon" with the Saudi government to halt what they called "serious destruction" to important Islamic sites.

Idriss Sudrawi, head of the Moroccan Association reminded that these sites are not the ownership of Saudi Arabia, but the property of the Islamic world." he added that the demolition lasted for several years which destroyed 95% of the historic Islamic buildings in Makkah and Medina.

He said the real reason behind this destruction is Wahhabis concern that is veneration of people to such sites.

Shame of the House of Saud: Gasoline on Prophet’s Mother (s) grave, toilets built on Sayyedah Khadijah (s) house

LONDON, Britain: British daily Independent published a report by Daniel Howden in which it revealed extent of destruction caused to Islam's diverse heritage in the holy cities of Makkah and Medinah …A car Park on the birth place of the Prophet (saw), Bulldozed and Gasoline poured on the grave of the mother of the Prophet (saw), Lavatories built on the house of Sayyedah Khadijah (sa).


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