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 Updated: August 20, 2013

US envoy to Baghdad: Saudi Arabia financed al-Qaeda attacks in Iraq to destabilize govt

By: Raza Ali

United Kingdom: The British newspaper The Guardian revealed on Friday, about “a group of secret U.S. telegrams dating back to 2009, talking about Iraq’s relationship with its neighbors.’

Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Christopher Hill, set in telegrams confidential letter sent to the U.S. State Department, and published in the Guardian UK, said, “Saudi Arabia and not Iran poses the biggest challenge and the problem is more complex in relation to the Iraqi politicians who are trying to form a stable government and independent,” and attributed the reason to “Saudi money and anti-Shia attitudes and concerns that the Shiite-led Iraq enhances the regional influence of Iran.”

And Hill said in his message dated 24 September 2009, which is dealing with Iraq’s relations with neighboring countries, the main Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria and Turkey, that “some and not everyone believes that Saudi Arabia is seeking to enhance Sunni influence and weaken the control of the Shiite and the promotion of the government is weak and divided,” he continued, “efforts parliamentary hand-driven design and clear focus on the weak government led by Shiite separate from its Arab neighbors and U.S. security outside the structural and strategically dependent on Iran and the United States has no interest in any of the options.

He pointed out that “Iraqi officials believe that relations with Saudi Arabia, one of the most problems complicated as they are keen usually not to criticize harshly in front of U.S. officials because of our relationship with the document Saudis,” noting that they “assert allow the Saudi leadership periodically to Saudi clerics pouring out their anger on the Shiites”, stressing that “reinforces Iraq’s theory that the Wahhabi Saudi state sponsored sectarian incitement.


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