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 Updated: May 03, 2013

Syria Awqaf Commission calls on UN to protect religious sites

By: Karim Tellawi

DAMASCUS, Syria: The Awqaf and Religious Affairs Commission has strongly condemned demolishing of a revered companion Hajar bin Udai shrine and digging of the grave by armed extremists in Syria.

The chairman of the commission termed the attack as an attack on Islam and on all human and Islamic values.

He said the same hand which disgraced the Askariyain shrine in 2006 has demolished this shrine today. They have no religion, no values, no conscience. Today all holy sites facing risk of attack.

‘This heinous act revealed the extent of their hatred for Ahli Bayt and their supporters throughout history,’ the commission said.

He called on The United Nations, UNESCO, UNICEF and the UN Security Council to take urgent measures in this regard, as well as countries that support the Syrian opposition and working to support them with weapons and money, especially Turkey and some Gulf states must be aware of the seriousness of the business and damaging the unity of Muslims and rupture of the Islamic nation.


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