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 Updated: December 23, 2014

Husseini pilgrims witness another miracle in Karbala

By: Ismail Zabeeh

HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: In the holy city of Karbala, the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine had witnessed the healing of a young Pakistani girl, who had suffered from Parkinsonís disease.

According to official website of Imam Hussein(p) shine, at 10am in the morning of Monday, December 21st, 2014, Safar 28, loud chants echoed at the Holy Shrine as Samira walked towards the Tomb of Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him).

Her Father states that his faith in God and the intercession of Imam Hussein were the primary motives for his pilgrimage to Karbala. For several years Samira had gone through many surgeries in Pakistan, however no sign of improvement.

The family is overly grateful and will be returning to Pakistan with heartwarming news.


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