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 Updated: December 23, 2014

Qatif Shia leaders slam terrorism

By: Abdulali

QATIF, Saudi Arabia: Saudi Shiite scholars and community leaders from Qatif Province issued a statement to denounce use of violence against police officers.

The remarks came after an attack on December 16 in Qatif which resulted in the death of a police officer Abdulaziz Al-Asiri at a checkpoint close to Awamiya.

The statement signed by 30 prominent figures that include Sheikh Abdullah Al-Khunaizy, Sheikh Hassan Al-Saffar, Sheikh Mansour Al-Salman, Sheikh Mohammad Al-Asfour, Shaker Al-Noah, Fayez Al-Zayer, Jihad Al-khunaizy, Abdul Mohsen Al-Faraj, Abdul Shaheed Al-Sunni, Essam Al-Shamasi, Abbas Al-Shamasi, Abdulraoof Al-Matrood, Shikry Al-Shamasi, Maytham Al-Jishi, Hassan Mal Allah, Ehsan Al-Jishi, Abdullah Al- Asfour, Abdul-Aziz Al-Mahroos and Alwai Al-Awami condemned targeting police officers, explaining that bloodshed is against Islamic teachings.

Also on the 16th of December, a delegation from Qatif including Sheikh Abdullah Al-Khunaizy, the Ex judge of Endowments and Inheritance and other figures, held a meeting with the Governor of the Eastern Province Saud bin Naif to express their condemnation and denunciation of the crime.

They said that “people of Qatif reject all forms of violence and terrorism, and that the perpetrators do not represent Qatif.’


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