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 Updated: November 28, 2014

Hundreds of thousands mourn Haleef al-Quran Zaid bin Ali in Hilla

By: Ismail Zabeeh

HILLA, Iraq: Hundreds of thousands of mourners participated in the mourning programs marking the martyrdom anniversary of Haleef al-Quran Zed bin Ali ibn al-Hossain al-Imam Zeinol Abideen (peace be upon them) in Hilla on 3rd safar 1436 Hijri.

According to the shrine secretary Qassem Hasnawi, more than 150 organizations offered mourning rituals.

Hasnawi said: “High security arrangements were made for protection of the mourners by Babylon provincial and local administration."

Historians recorded that when Hasham ibn Abdu'l-Malik came into power, he committed many atrocities particularly with the Bani Hashim. At last, Hazrat Zaid ibn Ali (as), well known as a great scholar and a pious theologian, went to see the caliph to seek redress for the grievances of the Bani Hashim.

As soon as Zaid arrived, the caliph, instead of greeting him as a direct descendant of the prophet, abused him. Therefore, Zaid left Syria for Kufa and stood against Umayyads.

He was martyred on the 2nd of Safar in 120 A.H. at the age of forty-two by Yusuf ibn 'Amr (the Umayyad governor).

Under Yusuf's orders, his body was exhumed; head was cut off and sent to Hasham in Syria. In the month of Safar, 121 A.H., Hasham had the sacred body of this descendant of the Prophet placed on the gallows entirely naked. For four years the sacred body remained on the gallows. Thereafter, when Walid Ibn Yazid ibn Abdu'l-Malik ibn Marwan became caliph in 126 A.H., he ordered that the skeleton be taken down from the gallows, burnt, and the ashes scattered to the wind.


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