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 Updated: April 24, 2015

Over 2 million mourners observe Imam Al-Hadi martyrdom day in Samarra

By: Ismail Zabeeh

SAMARRA, Iraq: More than 2 million mourning pilgrims visited the holy Shrine of Al Imamayn al-Asakriyain in Samarra to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Al-Imam Ali An-Naqi al-Hadi(as) despite threats of terrorism.

Rajab 3 is the martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Imam Ali Naqi (A.S)-the 10th descendant of Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace of Allah be upon him & his progeny). He was martyred at Samrah in the year 254 A.H. At that time He was 42 years old.

According to Information Officer of Shrine Ammar Morshedi, over 840 mourning groups (mawakib) participated in commemoration at the shrine. Mourners offered condolence to Imam Al-Askari and Imam al-Hujjat, The Imam of our era on martyrdom of their father and grandfather respectively by doing aza-o-latam.


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