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 Updated: December 3, 2015

Saudi king refuses to sign execution of Sheikh Nimr, says Sunni Mufti

By: Ismail Zabeeh


BAGHDAD, Iraq: Mufti of the Sunnis in Iraq, Sheikh Mehdi al-Sumaidaie, said the king of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdul Aziz has agreed on amnesty for Saudi Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr refusing to sign his death sentence.

Sheikh al-Sumaidaie, who made a request for pardon in a press statement said that the king Salman "agreed to our request in order to preserve the unity of Muslims and to prevent damage to them."

Saudi court on October 15, 2014 awarded execution to religious scholar and advocate of civil rights Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr after being convicted of alleged "sedition" in the country.

Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr worked for defending the rights of Shiite citizens in Saudi Arabia and demanding the release of political prisoners in the country, and an end to policies of marginalization and exclusion practiced by authorities against the people of the province East.


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