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 Updated: July 03, 2015

Houthi Addresses Yemeni Fighters: You’re Fighting War of Dignity, Independence


SANAA, Yemen: Yemeni Ansarullah Leader Sayyed Abdul Malik Al-Houthi addressed the Yemeni fighters of army and popular committees on Thursday night, hailing their firm stand in the face of evil forces.

"Had it not been for your great honored stand in the field, evil and murderous forces would have fully occupied the country," Sayyed Houthi said in a voice message, adding that it's a "great honor that you are defending the dear oppressed Muslim people who's one of the noblest peoples."

"You are indeed the loyals in the test which unveil who's the sincere and who's the liar, who's the collaborator and who's the patriot," Ansarullah leader pointed out.

Sayyed Houthi stressed that Yemen has always been a graveyard for invaders and steadfast in front of arrogants and tyrants, accusing the US and Israel, who blackened the humanity page with their crimes, of being on the forefront of the aggression against Yemen.

He urged the Yemeni fighters, whom he called the "men of the field", to repel the aggression and be cautious and patient before burdens and troubles, stressing to them that "you're fighting the battle of independence, freedom, dignity and honor, and victory would establish a genuine future for your country," promising them with definite victory.

Houthi's message came hours after the Yemeni army and popular forces secured Brigade 31 in Bir Ahmed area and regained all gears and weapons from Al-Qaeda terrorists in Aden.


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