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 Updated: May 01, 2015

Common system of Salat is impossible to implement; we will not allow anyone to intervene in our faith, Moosavi

By: Salman Alvi

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Chief patron of Supreme Shia Ulama board and Chief of Tehreek e Nafazi FIqah Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has said that Pakistan is the fruit of joint struggle and common inheritance of all schools of thought. Those dreaming of creating a Saudi or Iranian model in Pakistan must stop dreaming. Pakistanís ultimate destiny is Nezam e Mustafa under the administration of Murtaza which has also been praised by all other caliphs. Saudi and Iranian jails are filled with those who spoke against the ideologies of their rulers. Common system of Salat (Namaz) is impossible to implement and we will not allow anyone to intervene in our faith. Imposing self ideology on other sects is open terrorism.

He said this while addressing to the Mehfil e Haidery on start of the International Ayyam e Murtazawi.

Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said that the Inclusion of the question about being a Shia or not in the Hajj forms is criminal and a matter of serious concern which is aimed at disintegrating the Muslims. National Action plan is being sabotaged by bringing out the rallies of the banned organizations under the garb of Yemen conflict. We respect our honorable guests but using Imam e Kaaba to put pressure on Pakististan is tragic. The Arab world must understand Pakistani resolution as Saudia is being trapped through a heinous conspiracy while same plot is prepared against Pakistan. Finger pointing against the resolution announced by the elected parliament of 200 million Pakistanis is disrespect to the democracy and the mandate of Pakistani nation. Rulers and opposition leaders who are trying to serve their personal relations while keeping the resolution of the Parliament aside must demonstrate wisdom and remember that if they will not hold the dignity of the parliament, then they will have no right to wail for the democracy incase an unconstitutional incident occurs. We will never allow to compromise the ideological essence of Pakistan and Pakistan will not be allowed to become a sectarian state. Whole Pakistani nation is praying for the success of Zarb e Azab operation of Pakistanís courageous armed forces.

Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said that the heinous conspiracy of making Pakistan a sectarian state started by General Zia ul Haq is being repeated again while the ministry of religious affairs is leading this conspiracy. Tehreek e Nafaz e Fiqah Jafariya was formed as a reaction to the announcement of making Pakistan a sectarian state and due to the efforts of TNFJ, Pakistanís officially declared religions is not any particular sect of Shia, Sunni, Deobandi or Barelvi but Islam while the article 227 of the constitution clarifies that the interpretation of Quran and sunnah will be considered true which will be acceptable by all sects. He said that the Sehri, Aftari and Namaz timings are related to the sun rise and sun set and moon sighting while every sect has its own interpretation therefore Sehri Aftari of all at the same time is impossible therefore who is the one that the minister of religious affairs is trying to please by raising such issues. Since its inception, the anti-Pakistan pro congress group gained power in all department of the state and today a particular sect is observed to be in control everywhere including the Islamic ideology council, ministry of religious affairs, Ulama boards, and the Peace committees which is a clear violation and contradiction with the fundamental ideology of Pakistan.

He expressed regrets on the fact that politicians and rulers do not utter a few words of condolence if the victim belongs to the sect of Barelvis, Shias or a minority of Pakistan. He said that Pakistan is a free Islamic republic and the only nuclear power and attempts are being made to dictated and influenced by reminding the previous kindnesses while the kindnesses made by Pakistan are also not less. When Pakistan was broken in 1971, the gulf countries took lead in accepting the state of Bangladesh. Gulf countries enjoy friendly relations with India which is the murderer of Kashmiris and Pakistanis, while Pakistan became a throne in the eyes of Israel due to its strong and firm support to the Arab countries. Pakistan paved the way of progress for gulf countries, vacated the khana kaaba from the extremists who attacked on the Kaaba, Pakistan defeatyed the Zionists during Arab-Israel war of 1973 while they were badly defeated by Israel during the war of 1967. None of the state can overrule the Parliamentís resolution by reminding its kindnesses.

He said that the statements issued by the Pakistani ministers after attacks on Yemen were meaningless while the resolution of Pakistani parliament on Yemen conflict is a true representative of the emotions of Pakistani nation. Agha Moosavi reminded that there is no threat to Harmain from any Shia or Sunni rather it is the international colonial powers and their stooges that are posing threat to Harmain. Where were those crying for the protection of Harmen when the place of birth of the holy Prophet (PBUH&HHP) including other signs associated with the holy Prophet (PBUH&HHP) were demolished on the land of Harmen. The rallies organized by the banned organization are not being conducted for Harmen, but the Khadem e Harmen. Agha Moosavi said that Imam e Kaaba must become a symbol of Muslims unity rather than confining himself to a particular province or sect as he is meeting and addressing the scholars of only one sect and he must remember that the group he is talking about is not even one percent in population. No country, sect or person has the right to intervene in our internal affairs as wherever the democracy exists in the world, the opinion of parliament is given preference over all other things.

Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi demanded to exclude the question of being Shia or not, from the Hajj forms as Islam does not teach of narrow mindedness rather it gives lessons of inclusion and tolerance. He said that Action plan is not being acted upon as no big fish has been brought to justice till date while the jails are bing filled with poor scholars, ulamas and Zakireen which is equivalent to deceiving the armed forces of Pakistan while the administration must support Pakistan Army for the success of Zarb e Azab operation.

Agha Moosavi appealed to the rulers to think above themselves and their sects and play their role for the dignity of the whole Islamic world and protection of muslim states and signs of Islam. The problem is that whoever says Kalma e Haq is considered as enemy but we are the inheritors of Karbala and will speak the truth even on the peak of the spear as we are not concerned about anyone but only seek the satisfaction of Allah, his holy Prophet (PBUH&HHP), Ahl e Bait e Athaar (A.S), and pious companions. He clarified that martial law policies must be abandoned to take Pakistan to the glory while the all schools of thought must be provided with their rights.


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