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 Updated: May 22, 2015

Qatif’s Imam Ali (as) Mosque attacked, many martyred

By: Baqer Ali

AL-QATIF, Saudia Arabia: A suicide blast hit Imam Ali (as) Mosque, leaving more than 30 worshippers martyred and dozens of others injured during Friday prayers in al-Qadih town of the Saudi governorate of al-Qatif.

A bomber reportedly blew himself up in the mosque as more than 150 people had gathered for Friday prayers.

Later in the day, ISIL terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Following the bombing, a large number of people took to the streets in Qatif to denounce the terrorist attack. The protesters also chanted slogans to show their anger at Saudi officials.

Saudi Arabia's Shia population is mostly based in two oasis districts of the Eastern Province - Qatif on the Gulf coast, and al-Ahsa, southwest of the provincial capital al-Khobar.

This is the first time such an incident occurred in this area.

Pictures posted on social media purported to show the devastation, with dead bodies strewn across the floor and shattered glass covering the courtyard of the mosque.

Qatif and al-Ahsa areas have historically been the target of discrimination of Saudi regime.


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