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 Updated: May 7, 2015

Impracticable unified system of Azan should immediately be taken back; TNFJ writes Pak Govt

By: Salman Alvi

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Central Joint Secretary Tehreek e Nafaz e Fiqh e Jafariya Maj (R) Syed Baqir Hussain Bukhari, while declaring the unified system of Azan as completely impracticable, demanded from the government that its order should immediately be taken back. Further he demanded the removal of the column of being Shia or not, in the Hajj application form.

While issuing a letter to the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs he said that as per the statement of the Representative that is column is just for administrative convenience, then all the five sects columns should also be added in it. He said that this is an undeniable fact that there are five sects in Islam, Fiqh e Jafariya, Hanfiya, Malikia, Hambaliya, Shafiya, and besides that there are Muqalid and Non-Muqalid as well.

He said that the existence of the different schools of thought and sects is the evidence that the problems of one sect are completely different from the problems of another sect. He said that besides the Fiqh e Jafariya and Hanafiya, there are other Schools of thought living in the country as well. So that is way the timings of prayers which are propagated through Media are completely different. Likewise, the timings of Sehr and Iftar in the Ramadan are also followed by almost 10 minutes gap. Thus in such a scenario where all the satanic powers who are striving hard to create apartheids among Muslims to make Muslims fight among themselves and the Arms factories of the imperial powers keep getting the benefits, it could be highly dangerous to touch such type of repugnant issues.

Since the official religion of Pakistan according to the Article #2 of the Constitution of Pakistan is Islam, not any specific sect, and according to the Article #227, such interpretation of Quran and Sunnah to a specific sect would be accepted which is appropriate according to the sect of an individual, thus such debate should not be touched and Federal Minister for religious affairs are requested to work within the boundary of their jurisdiction, said Bukhari.

He further asserted that a best friend is the one who let his friend aware of his weaknesses. Representative TNFJ said that we not only respect all schools of thought but also for the promotion and protection of Islam Tareek e Nafaz e Fiqh e Jafariya is practically as ready as always.

Meanwhile, Maj (R) Baqir Bukhari, while saying in accordance with the reply to the question of the existence of Sect column of only Shias in the Hajj application forms as just administrative obligation, by the representative of Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, Maj (R) Baqir Bukhari said that why such type of convenience is not available for the other sects? He said that according to the Federal Minister, this column has been existed in the form for the past twenty years, it does not mean that if a wrong which is promoting divisions in Muslim Umma should be continued since its been here for quite a longer period of time, and further, even the Government of Saudi Arabia gave clarification that no such formality was added on their request. He requested that religion should not be made as children’s playground.


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