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 Updated: November 26, 2015

TNFJ demands govt to give travelling permissions and fool proof security to pilgrims going to Iraq to commemorate the Arbaeen e Hussaini (as)

By: Salman Alvi


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Additional Secretary General of Tehreek e Nafaz e FiqahJafariya, Col ( R ) Syed Sakhawat Hussain Kazmi has demanded from the government to give travelling permissions to the hundreds of pilgrims going to Iraq through the path of Quetta, Taftan to commemorate the Arbaeen e Hussaini while fool proof security arrangements must also be ensured for them. In order to facilitate the pilgrims, a committee comprising of senior officers of the Balouchistan government must be formed which must formulate the security plan for the pilgrims. As a representative organization of the Maktab e Tashayyo, Tehreek e Nafaz e FiqahJafariya is ready to provide all kinds of assistance to the government in this matter. He demanded this while talking to a delegation of the relatives of the pilgrims who informed him about the problems faced by the pilgrims presently stuck in Quetta.

Meanwhile, a special letter to the federal minister of interior and provincial government of Balouchistan has also been sent by the TNFJ which stressed that the sacred sites associated with the holy Prophet (PBUH&HHP), his Ahl e Bait (A.S), pious companions, and Umhatul Momineen situated in Mecca Mukarrama, Medina Munawara, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Jordan have always been the places of respect and pilgrimage for the people while every Muslim wants to visit these places at least once in the whole life. The majority of these pilgrims belong to the mediocre and poor families who visit the holy shrines of the heroes of Islam and Shariat in accordance with the verse of the Sura e MubarakaShura of the holy Quran which declares such visits as a remedy from the problems and diseases and considers it a source of eternal success in the world hereafter.

The letter expressed concerns on the recurring problems faced by the pilgrims going through Quetta, Taftan and Zahidan and demanded concrete rectifying steps at the government level.


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