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 Updated: February 15, 2016

Foundation Stone of Zainebi Compound Laid in Karbala

By: Ismail Zabeeh


HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: Representative of Marjaiyyah Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai has laid foundation stone of ''Sehn-ul-Aqeela'' (compound of Aqeela Sayyeda Zainab sa) on birth anniversary of granddaughter of Holy Prophet (pBUH) Sayyeda Zaineb Binte Ali ibne Abi Talib(as) which falls on Jamadi uloola 5.

"Sehn-ul-Aqeela" is a part of Hussaini shrine expansion project. The project area is estimated at 52,000 square meters stretching from Mukhayyam al-Hussaini to Tilla Zainabi and Haer al-Hussaini.


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