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 Updated: January 29, 2016

ISIS war minister killed in airstrike near Mosul, Iraq

By: News Desk


MOSUL, Iraq: Jalal Hamdan Al-Naama, minister of war in the ranks of the ISIS terrorist group, was reported killed in an airstrike by the western coalition near Mosul city in northern Iraq, officials reported on Thursday.

An airstrike hit a building in the vicinity of Mosul where more than 20 ISIS officials were meeting on Thursday evening.

Al-Naama was killed along with more than 20 other ISIS leading members in the airstrike.

“The raid targeted the al-Hadr sub-district in Mosul suburb, where ISIS leading members were meeting,” an officier in the Nineveh police department said speaking on condition of anonymity.

“The coalition’s warplanes have pursued the ISIS convoy until all leading members entered a building to hold a meeting in al-Hadr. The fighter jets then bombed the entire building and killed all the militants there, including the ISIS minister of war Jalal Hamdan Al-Naama,” the source said.

This comes just a day after the U.S.-led coaition hit several strongholds for ISIS in the vicinity of Tirkit city in Iraq’s central province of Salah Al-Din, targeting ISIS commanders. At least three ISIS commanders were among those killed in the airstrikes, including Nimraddin Abu Aisha, Saudi commander in the ranks of ISIS, Abu Marwan al-Jazaeri, Algerian terrorist and administrator of ISIS financial office in Salah Al-Din province, and Rokan al-Shami, Syrian militant and head of ISIS security center in Salah Al-Din.


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