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 Updated: January 04, 2016

Toronto protests martyrdom of Sheikh Nimr

By: Raza Ali


TORONTO, Canada: Human right activists and people of conscious in Canada’s most populous city Toronto, assembled outside US consulate on Sunday January 3, 2016, to condemn and mourn Sheikh Baqir al-Nimr’s illegitimate execution by the Saudi regime.

The rally began with Quran recitation followed by chants condemning the Saudi monarchy, their US master and Canadian government for exporting arms to the Saudi government.

The spoken word by the youths highlighted the brave and courageous, non-violent stand of Sheikh Nimr against corruption of Saudi rulers and human rights violation.

The speech by the religious scholar questioned the false accusation of terrorism against Sheikh Nimr, despite the fact that Sheikh Nimr always supported the roar of the words against authorities rather than weapons.

Human right activist highlighted the influence of US imperialism and Zionism on the Saudi monarchy.

Protestors, young and old, stood strong in the harsh weather condition holding placard that read, “The tyrant dies and his rule is over, the martyr dies and his rule begins”.

They concluded with their spiritual batteries charged and with firm determination to remember martyr Sheikh Nimr and to continue his mission.


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