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 Updated: June 11, 2016

Relief activities continues by Sistani office in Sunni dominated Al-anbar Province

By: Ismail Zabeeh


AL-ANBAR, Iraq: The commission of supporting IDP families affiliated to the office of Grand Ayatollah Sayyied al-Sistani continues its work to supply the IDP families in Anbar province with food and shelters.

Al Anbar is a Western Region of Iraq. The largest province in Iraq by area, it shares borders with Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Al Anbar is overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim Arab. Its capital is Ar Ramadi. The famous Sunni theologian Abu Hanifa an-Nu‘man was also from this region.

Iraqi security forces and allied fighters has launched an operation to retake different cities of Anbar held by ISIS since 2014.

Al-Shaykh Bassim al-Nasrawi said “After liberating the cities of al-Baghdadi, Heet and Brwana in Anbar province from Daesh, the commission of supporting IDP families prepared the packages of food and clothes that may cure some of their suffering caused by the terrorist gangs”.

Al-Nasrawi adding “We used the airplane to arrive the food, clothes and shelters to 1500 families in Anbar province”.

While a teacher in one of Anbar school said “We will learn our children the historical attitudes of al-Sayyied al-Sistani who learn us the meaning of humanity”.


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