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  Updated: December 19, 2006

Algerian govt takes steps to stop spread of Shiism

By: Sultan Ahmed

ALGIERS, Algeria: In a hateful act, the Algerian Ministry of Education has suspended 11 Shia teachers in a number of government schools alleging they were propagating Shiite ideology among students.

The incident is first of its kind since the start of circulation of this talk that Shiite is spreading in the country secretly.

The Algerian newspaper "Ash-Sharouq Al-Yomi" reported that the Ministry of Education refused to confirm or deny the news.

Media Advisor to the Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments Abdullah Tamin undervalued the risk of spread of Shiite tide in Algeria and said the Education Ministry fulfilled its duty through this decision.

Mohamed al-Aamri, general supervisor of Algeria’s Shiites website, had said in a statement that Shiism in Algeria, "continues by the grace of God and it is widespread throughout the Algerian soil, moving across all social strata. Earlier, it was revolving between young people and now the whole families enter in it.”          

Jordan fears mounting Shia influence

BAQAA CAMP, Jordan: A new wave of admiration for Hezbollah and an influx of thousands of Iraqi Shia refugees has caused fears Jordan could face growing Shiite influence.

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