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  Updated: December 20, 2006

Mazhab-i-Ahl-el Bait (AS) spreading in Sudan; extremists vexed

By: Sultan Ahmed

KHARTOUM, Sudan: A large spread of Mazhab-i-Ahl-el Bait (AS) in all stratums of Sudanese society has made some extremist groups agonized.

Addressing a news conference in the capital Khartoum, Al-Majles Al-Alaa Lit-Tansiq bayn al-Jama’at Al-Islamiah (supreme council to organize among Islamic parties) said that Sudanese villages completely have become Shia, and similarly there is seen spread of husseiniyaat in the country.

Expressing their failure, leadership of these parties warned during the news conference, according to a report published by London’s newspaper ‘al-hayat’ on Tuesday 19-12-06, against a big plan to spread Shia ideology and thought in Sudan.

Secretary-General of Majles Ad-Dawah Al-Islamiah Omar Hadhra demanded from the government not to provide any diplomatic security which allows entry of Shia literature in the country.

Meanwhile Yasser Othman, Secretary-General of Al-Majles Al-Alaa Lit-Tansiq bayn al-Jama’at Al-Islamiah, said: “there are strong possibilities of Shia tide.”          

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