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  Updated: November 18, 2008

Lebanon: Sistani deputy refuses to meet Fadlallah due to stance on Fatimah Az-Zahraa (A)

By: Karim Tellawi

BEIRUT, Lebanon: A large number of Ulema and Maraje take opposite position with Lebanon’s Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah owing to his contradictory stance on An-Nasoos Al-Waridah (Quran, hadith) about Ahlul Beit (AS) and his evil viewpoint on sufferings and tragedies happened to the Chief of Women of World Fatimah Az-Zahraa (AS) …

Hence, a representative of Al-Marje Al-Aa’la Sayed Ali Al-Husseini As-Sistani, Al-Allamah Sayed Jawwad Ash-Sheristani paid a visit to Lebanon during which he held talks with a number of Lebanese figures including secretary general of Hezbollah Hasan Nasrallah, but he refused to meet with Fadlallah and exempted him from invitation to inauguration ceremony of Al-Imam As-Sadeq (AS) Center.

It is worth noting that these positions came on the part of renowned Shia figures on the level of Maraje, Ayaat, their deputies and grand clerics i.e. Sheikh At-Tabrezi, Sheikh Al-Wahid Al-Khorsani.

Similarly Al-Hauzah Al-Ilmiyah in holy Qom has refused to make room for Fadlallah to deal with the Hauzavi facts.

Source: http://ebaa.net/2008/11/05/%D8%A7%D9...9%86/2433.html

Fadhlullah is ‘Dhaal’, any co-op with him illegal: Ayat Tabrezi office

HOLY CITY OF QOM, Iran: Lebanon’s Muhammad Hossein Fadhlullah is ‘Dhaal Modhil’ and any help to or cooperation with him in publishing his writings is not legal with respect to Islam.

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