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  Updated: August 26, 2009

Jordan puts six Shias on trial for "promoting Shi'ism"

By: Sultan Ahmed

AMMAN, Jordan: Jordan has held the first trial of six Shia Muslims before a military court for promoting their ideology in this Sunni majority country.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a Jordanian judicial official said six Shia Muslims were put on trial before a military court, an AP report said.

He said the six men pleaded not guilty but did not provide further details on the subject. Promoting Shia ideology and religious sectarianism in Jordan are among the accusations recognized by the court.

According to the officials, the closed-door trial that started last week was the first of its kind in Jordan.

Jordan has not passed any law that prevents Shia Muslims from practicing their religion.

Jordanian security forces find people converting from Sunni to Shia Islam guilty and try them in military courts.

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