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  Updated: January 20, 2009

Imam said don’t address majalis to that man … Anti-Sha’a’er Al-Husseiniah efforts slammed

By: Ismail Zabeeh

HOLY CITY OF NAJAF, Iraq: In response to evil statement by Hussein Ash-Shami, cultural advisor to Iraqi Prime Minister, regarding Ash-Sha’a’er Al-Husseiniah (weeping, wearing black mourning dress, beating head and chest, giving meal in tabarrok, holding majalis and processions, shedding tears, slit open head to let blood to come out to signify grief on the unjust killing of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (AS)), Al-Hauzah Al-Ilmiyah in Najaf Al-Ashraf, Ayaat, maraje and leaders have strongly condemned him while highlighting importance and significance of the Sha’a’er.

Shaa'er al hussaini

The Hauzah advised Ash-Shami to repent Allah and say sorry to millions of Husseini mourners.

In his statement, Ash-Shami had said Sha’a’er Al-Husseiniah including wearing black mourning dress, giving meal as tabarrok, holding majalis and processions including Rakzato Taweraj, shedding tears, Tatbeer (slit open head to let blood to come out to signify grief on the unjust killing of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (AS)) all are illegal.

Ayatullah Sayed Sadeq Ash-Shirazi said powers that be and rulers who forbid holding of Ash-Sha’a’er Al-Husseiniyah are from leaders of Kofr.

He told a story of Sayed Al-Hilli saying that every one is duty bound to participate with hand, tongue or wealth in the Qadhiyah (event) of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (AS). Sayed Al-Hilli had been addressing majalis arranged by a merchant since long. One year, when the businessman as usual invited Sayed Al-Hilli for the majlis, he did not accept his invitation. The merchant insisted for reason of refusal but Al-Hilli did not tell him any thing. The merchant then went to Sayed Kadhim Al-Yazdi, one of teachers of Al-Hilli, asking him to interfere.

Sayed Al-Yazdi urged Al-Hilli to address the majalis but he refused to him also as well as refused to tell him the reason. Then Sayed Al-Yazdi said: I order you to address majlis.

Al-Hilli said: I am obedient to you, but when you order me I will tell you the reason. It is that I saw Al-Imam Al-Hussein (AS) in dream and he said to me: Do not address majalis in house of that man. I said: peace be on you! Ok I will do as you say, but will you please tell me the reason? The Imam (AS) replied: Allah has blessed him with immense wealth but he does with me like a poor penniless man. Rice and meat that he uses to serve my mourners in the majlis is low-priced.

Then Sayed Al-Yazdi said to Al-Hilli: do what you have been ordered by Imam (AS).

Sayed Ammar Al-Hakim said practicing Ash-Sha’a’er Al-Husseiniah is not Bid’ah but traditions prove that it is must.

Sayed Muhammad Al-Habubi, a lecturer in Hauzah, said Majalis Al-Husseiniah are foundation that share in spreading message of Islam.

A professor in Kufa University Hasan Al-Hakim said A’immah themselves urged for revival of Imam Hussein (AS) martyrdom commemoration in different ways and colors.

Baghdad’s Friday prayer leaders said Ash-Sha’a’er Al-Husseiniah are basis of Islam because they have given life to it.

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