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  Updated: November 1, 2009

Hezbollah commended by Shiite leaders

By: Karim Tellawi

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanese Shiite religious figures hit back to Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir’s allegations that Hezbollah led by Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah was serving Iran’s interests over Lebanon’s, saying their weapons helped liberate the south from Israeli occupation, The Daily Star reported.

The South Lebanon Ulama Association chief Sheikh Afif Naboulsi stressed that Hezbollah’s weapons liberated Lebanese rather than Iranian territories that were under Israeli occupation.

“Are the lands liberated by Hezbollah, Lebanese or Iranian territories?” Naboulsi asked. “[Does] the patriarch consider that most of the land being liberated by the party is Iranian territory and does not belong to the Lebanese people or state?

“Those who make accusations against Hezbollah should be aware that those who shed blood for Lebanon’s honour and the dignity of the Lebanese deserve medals of belonging and loyalty,” Sheikh Ahmad Qabalan said.

Likewise, Baalbek-Hermel MP Marwan Fares said Sfeir had adopted Washington’s outlook.

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