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  Updated: September 9, 2009

Protests erupt in Azerbaijan after Fatemeh Zahra Mosque demolition verdict

By: Sheikh M Khurasani

BAKU, Azerbaijan: Azeri Muslims strongly protested against a court verdict on destruction of several mosques in Azerbaijan by holding demonstrations in the capital and other cities.

Chanting slogans such as 'Destruction of mosques will result in bloodbath', 'May God destroy the houses of those who destroy His house', the protesters in Baku announced that the destruction of mosques in Azerbaijan has turned into dangerous business.

Police and security forces attacked and beat the protesters while several of them were arrested.

The protests took place after Baku's Second Economic Court in a politicized verdict ordered Fatemeh Zahra Mosque to be demolished.

Although the construction of the mosque has been legal, Baku Municipality has called for its demolition on several occasions.       

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