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London: TNFJ protest in front of Saudi embassy demand Baqi

LONDON, United Kingdom: In connection with Shawal 8 that marks the demolition of Al-Baqee cemetery in the holy city of Medina, Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-i-Jafariya (TNFJ) staged a grand protest in front of Saudi embassy in London, the United Kingdom. A large number of people, Men, women, children attended the protest.

Baqi demolition … mourning programs held in Canada, Germany

HAMILTON, Canada: Mourning programs marking the demolition of Al-Baqi cemetery were held at Islamic centers and husseiniyaat in Hamilton and Toronto in Canada. Representative of Ayatollah Sayed Sadeq Ash-Shirazi, Sheikh Jalal Ma’ash addressed.

Ali Ali Ali ... Hydari celebrations held across globe

PARIS, France: Master of Believers Amir ol Mominin Al-Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (AS) was born on Rajab 13 in holy Kaabah in the holy city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Majalis e Fatimiyah held in UK

LONDON, The United Kingdom: Martyrdom Anniversary of Sayedah Fatimah Az-Zahra (SA) is commemorated on 13 Jamadi al-Oulaa according to some traditions and 3 Jamadi ath-thani in line with some different reports across the globe.

13-day Husseini commemoration in The Netherlands goes on

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands: Marking the month of Moharram and in memory of supreme sacrifice rendered by Imam Hussein (AS) and his 72 dear ones, 13-day majalis al-husseini began at Al-Kauthar Foundation hall as well as other husseiniyahs in the Dutch city of the Hague on Thursday 15 November 1st Moharram.

Majalis mark Husseini mourning period beginning across globe

PARIS, France: As soon as the crescent of the month of Muharram appeared on sky, mourners of Hazrat Imam Hussain b. Ali b. Abi Talib (S), holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S)’s grandson, across the globe wore black mourning dresses, spread mourning carpets in Imambargahs, Imambaras, Ashour-Khanas, Aza-Khanas, Hussainiyaat and Islamic centers, and decorated relics.

Global feast of Ghadir celebrations continue

ITALY, Rome: Celebrations marking the feast of Ghadir are continue throughout the world with scholars and orators highlighting the significance and philosophy of the occasion.

Worldwide Sha’ban celebrations to tribute ‘Karbala Heroes’

BERLIN, Germany: The eighth lunar month - Sha’aban - is the period of blessing and virtues; it possesses great excellence and merit. It would be sufficient to say for its high status that it is the month of The Best of Creatures and Chief of Messengers, Holy Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah (p).

After Imam Ridha mosque arson, Belgium witnesses unity rally; imam corpse shifts to Morocco

BRUSSELS, Belgium: Thousands of people in Belgium joined a “white march” on Sunday to strongly condemn deadly arson attack on Imam Ridha (AS) mosque in Anderlecht commune in the west of Brussels and martyrdom of its Imam.

Haydari mourning, layali Al-Qadr begin across globe

PARIS, France: Amaal laytul Qadr (the night of glory) began throughout the world from 19th night of holy month of Ramadan (the night between Ramadan 18, 19) besides azadari programs to mark zarbat (when ibne Moljim struck a poisoned sword at the holy head of Master of Believers Al-Imam Ali (AS) while he was offering Fajr (pre-dawn) prayer on Ramadan 19 in Kufa Mosque) and shahadat of Ameerul Momineen Hazrat Imam Ali ibne Abi Talib (AS).

Husseini mourning in Germany

ESSEN, Germany: Mourning ceremonies to pay homage to Al-Imam Al-Hussein (AS), Sibt-an Nabi (s) were held in different German cities including Essen at mosques, husseiniyahs and Islamic centers throughout the month of Moharram.

13-day Moharram majalis conclude in Antwerpen

ANTWERPEN, Belgium: Husseini mourning ceremonies to pay homage to Al-Imam Al-Hussein (AS) and his faithful companions were being held in Belgium like other countries.

Husseini mourners in Denmark commemorate At-Taff tragedy

COPENHAGEN, Denmark: Al-Imam As-Sadeq (AS) Association in Denmark revived the first ten nights of Moharram 1433 AH by remembering the events and sufferings of At-Taff Tragedy in which Al-Imam Al-Hussein (AS) kissed martyrdom along with his 72 near and dear ones in the burning desert of Karbala some 1400 years ago to elevate religion and shariah and to save high human values.

Azaa al-Husseini in Denmark

ODENSE, Denmark: Majalis al-Husseini and processions were being held in Denmark like other countries to pay homage to Al-Imam Abi Abdellah Al-Hussein (AS) and his faithful companions.

UK: Protest in front of Saudi Embassy condemn Baqee demolition

LONDON: Hundreds of protesters demonstrated in front of the Saudi Arabian embassy on Thursday to express their anger over the demolition of Janna-tul-baqee by Saudi rulers in 1925. Protest was arranged by TNFJ UK and Anjuman Ghulaman-e-Hazrat Abbas(as) AGHA.

London Majalis-e-Hussaini pay tribute to Karbala heroes

LONDON, United Kingdom: To pay tributes to the supreme sacrifice rendered by Imam Hussein (AS), Sibtun Nabi (S), along with his 72 faithful companions in the burning desert of Karbala in the year 61 AH, for the lofty objectives of safety of religoion and shjariah and defense of high human values, chain of majalis-e-aza has started in London.

Worldwide Ghadir celebrations begin

ROME, Italy: Marking the happy occasion of Feast of Ghadir or Idd al-Ghadir, celebratory programs i.e. galas, festivals and feasts have started from the eve of Dhol-hijjah 18 across the world with great reverence and enthusiasm.

Hajj the most eminent Islamic pedagogical program: World Forum for Proximity

PARIS, France: Leader of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought Ayatollah Muhammad Ali Taskhiri said Hajj is the most august Islamic pedagogical program for human being.

'Ice mosque' to be built in Sweden

STOCKHOLM, Sweden: CEO of Ice hotel Yngve Bergqvist said to local paper Norrländska Socialdemokraten (NSD) that they practice freedom of religion here in Jukkasjärvi.

Qadr Nights, Haydari mourning observation in Vienna

VIENNA, Austria: The Imam Ali (AS) Islamic Center in Vienna, Austria, like other centers and mosques has made arrangements to hold ceremonies marking the Nights of Qadr.

First time Halal Pizza catered in Italy

ROME, Italy: This is for the very first time that one of the Hotels in the city of Napoli presented Halal Pizza although Muslims with different nationalities live in Italy.

Honoring ‘Karbala Heroes’ worldwide celebrations continue

PARIS, France: With the dawn of Sha’ban, grand spiritual festive gatherings, galas and festivals began across the world at the well-illuminated and beautifully decorated shrines, mosques, husseiniyaat, ma’atam, Islamic centers and imambaras.

Arbaeeniyah procession march on Malmo streets, non-Muslims partake

MALMO, Sweden: Marking Arbaeeniyato Al-Imam Al-Hussein (fortieth day after the martyrdom of Imam Hussein), a mourning procession was taken out in Malmo, Sweden on Saturday January 22, Safar 17.

30th Arbaeen procession at Marble Arch London

LONDON, United Kingdom: Commemorating the 40th day after the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain(as), 30th Arbaeen Procession in London at Marble Arch will be held on Sunday 30th January.

Manchester witnesses Hosaini majalis

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom: Like other countries, Hosaini mourning began in Britain to pay homage to the supreme sacrifice of Hazret Imam Hosain (a.s.).

Beginning of worldwide Imam Ali mourning, layali Al-Qadr observation

LONDON, United Kingdom: As A’maal of the first of three layali Al-Qadr, or the Nights of Glory, (Ramadan 19, 21, 23) were held on 19 Ramadan night in all parts of the world with spirituality and devotion, the huge mourning programs marking the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali ibn-e-Abi Talib (as) were in continuation.

Entire village in France converts to Mazhab-i-Haqqa

HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: Accompanied by an Islamic delegation from France, the Islamic thinker and scholar Dr. Muhammad Tijani Samawi paid a Visit to the holy Shrine of Imam Hussain peace be upon him, Ahlul Bayt News Agency (ABNA) reported.

British Army says sorry for 'mosque' structures on firing range

LONDON: The British Ministry of Defence and Army chiefs have apologized Thursday after Muslims voiced anger at the use of model buildings that resemble mosques on a military firing range and thus demanded an apology.

British school criticized for giving priority to Sunni pupils over Shias

LEICESTER, Britain: A Muslim school in Britain, which says it is the first purpose-built Islamic faith secondary school in the country, has come under fire for giving priority to Sunni pupils over Shia ones. Shia and Sunni are the two main recognized schools of thought (sects) in Islam.

Arbaeen of Imam Hussein marked in Netherlands

HAGUE, Holland: Arbaeen of Imam Hussein was also observed in the Netherlands like other parts of globe on Friday February 5. A mourning ceremony was arranged by al-Kawthar cultural organization in Hague. Large number of Shiites from Hague and other Dutch cities participated in mourning.

Serbia says sorry for 1995 massacre of 8,000 Muslims

BELGRADE, Serbia: Parliament of Serbia on Tuesday March 30 approved a declaration condemning the 1995 Serb massacre of 8,000 Muslims in Srebrenica, in a bid to distance the country from past warmongering under the late strongman Slobodan Milosevic.

Eid-oz Zahra, Imam Mehdi coronation festivals held

ROME, Italy: Raby-ol Oulaa 9 marks two great and happy occasions i.e. Eid-oz Zahra (a.s.) and the auspicious day of coronation of the last infallible descendant of Prophet Muhammad (s), Al-Imam Al-Mehdi Al-Montadhar, Al-Hojjah (a).

Central London’s Arbaeen march

LONDON, United Kingdom: All preparations for the 29th Arbaeen Procession of Imam Husain (AS) in Central London have been finalized.

Sha’a’er-i-Husseiniah observation in Auckland

AUCKLAND, New Zealand: Devotees of Ahlil Beit (AS) belonging to different nationalities who reside in New Zealand observed Sha’a’er-i-Husseiniah with due reverence on Ashoura – Moharram 10. Sayedah Fatimah Az-Zahra Charitable Association arranged Husseini rituals in Auckland.

France promises help in Mussa Sadr case

BEIRUT, Lebanon: The French foreign minister vowed to follow up on the case of Ayatollah Moussa as-Sadr, who has been missing for over three decades.

Spanish scholar laments inapt translations of Islamic books

ROME, Italy: The translator of holy Quran into Spanish Jafar Gonzales said that Spanish Islamic texts do not find ways into the libraries of Spain because of their improper translation.

Blackburn Husseini procession attracts hundreds

BLACKBURN, Britain: Hundreds of Husayni mourners took to the streets of Blackburn to commemorate the supreme sacrifice of Imam Husayn and his 72 faithful companions in the name of Islam.

Worldwide Ashura ceremonies held

ATHENS, Greece: Ashura was observed with deep grief and great religious reverence and solemnity in some countries i.e. Turkey on Dec 26 and some others i.e. US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Dubai, Canada, Syria, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan etc on Dec 27 while it was commemorated in some countries i.e. Pakistan, India, Bangladesh on Dec 28.

Husseini mourning in Finland

TURKU, Finland: In Finland, Majalis-e-Husseini were being held with due respect and honour marking the supreme sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Hussein (a.s.) rendered some 1,400 years ago in the burning desert of Karbala.

Husseini mourning begins with Moharram crescent

BRUSSELS, Belgium: Muharram is that dignified month which became the kernel and fountainhead of defensive front for the protection of Islam & Shariah by matchless and unparalleled sacrifices rendered by the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (S), his companions and lofty family. Mourners across the globe of Imam Hussain bin Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib (S), with the emergence of crescent of Muharram, wore black mourning dresses, .....

Worldwide Haydari mourning, layali Al-Qadr observation starts

MUNICH, Germany: A’maal of the first of three layali Al-Qadr, or the Nights of Glory, (Ramadan 19, 21, 23) were held on 19 Ramadan night in all parts of the world with spirituality and devotion, while huge mourning programs marking the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali ibn-e-Abi Talib (as) were in continuation.

Mauloud-i-Ka'abah b-day celebrations hit the highest point

ROME, Italy: Rajab 13 is that auspicious and blessed day when Al-Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be on him), Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him and his holy progeny)'s first infallible successor, son-in-law and paternal cousin, was born in Ka'abah (house of Allah) in the holy city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Global survey finds Muslims ‘isolated’, 'loyal to Europe'

LONDON, United Kingdom: A survey on coexistence revealed that Muslims living in European countries feel far more isolated than those living in the United States, with a lack of access to education and jobs reinforcing a sense of ostracism.

Sayedah Al-Hauraa Zaynab (A) b-day celebrations in Sweden

MALMO, Sweden: Birth anniversary of Sayedah Al-Hauraa Zaynab Al-Kobraa (AS), daughter of Al-Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (AS) was celebrated in Sweden under arrangements of different associations.

Festivals held on Eid-oz Zahra, Imam Mehdi coronation

PARIS, France: Rabi-ol Oulaa 9 marks Eid-oz Zahra as well as the auspicious day of coronation of the last infallible descendant of Prophet Muhammad (s), Al-Imam Al-Mehdi Al-Montadhar, Al-Hojjah (a).

Demos in UK, Iraq, Netherlands to slam Saudi assault against Baqee pilgrims

THE HAGUE, Netherlands: To condemn Saudi religious police’s aggression against Shia pilgrims of the Prophet Mosque and Al-Baqee cemetery in the holy city of Medinah, mass protests were held in London, Iraq, the Netherlands and many other cities and countries.



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