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  Updated: September 16, 2010

‘O Prophet!! We are ashamed…’

Sender: Muhammad Zayn

Poem on the sad occasion of 8 Shawwal marking the "Al-Baqee` Demolition Day":
O Holy prophet!!!
We are ashamed
Cemeteries of Baqi and Mu’alla are ruined
Holy domes have been demolished
Ruined graves of your forefathers,
your beloved Progeny,
Your pious companions
a question mark for us
Are we fulfilling their rights?
Are we neglecting Qoranic verses,
Your sayings
About the dignity and sanctity of these Holy places
What we did with Holy signs of our Religion
We ourselves are responsible for it
We are shouting for Babri Mosque
Crying over publishing of blasphemous cartoons
Hurting over Pope’s Remarks about Islam
We are being labeled of fundamentalists
Radicals, Prejudices and terrorists
We are shouting…we are oppressed
Our lands have been occupied
But this all is done by non-Muslims
O Prophet! we met the grievous shock of this year
Askariya shrine bombed in Samarra…and We are alive
Our hearts shattered…
Our tears flowing
Our eyes wandering….
Our heads bending down & down
O Prophet!! We are ashamed…..
Alas!!! We are alive

Literally "al-Baqee" means a tree garden. It is also known as Jannatul-Baqee’ due to its sanctity, since in it are buried many of our Prophet’s (saww) relatives and companions. The first companion of the Holy Prophet (saww) to be buried there was ‘Uthman bin Ma’dhoon. He died on 3rd Sha’ban 3 AH. The Holy Prophet (saww) ordered certain trees to be felled, and in its midst, he buried his dear companion, placing two stones over the grave. Ebrahim, the son of the Holy Prophet (saww) who died later and over whom the Holy Prophet (saww) bitterly wept, was also buried there. The people of Madina then began to use the site for the burial of their own dead because the Holy Prophet (saww) used to greet those who were buried in Jannatul-Baqee’ saying: "Peace be upon you, O abode of the faithful! God willing, we should soon join you. O Allah! Forgive the fellows of al-Baqee’".


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