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Tragedy of Baqii Cemetery demolition by Saudi rulers

By: Zaynab Abbas

The cemetery of Baqii, which is the burial place of holy Prophet (S.W.)s beloved daughter Sayyedah Fatimah Az-Zahraa (A.S.), his son Ibrahim (A.S.), four infallible Imams from his progeny (A.S.) Al-Imam Al-Hassan (A.S.), Al-Imam Zayn-ol Abidin (A.S.), Al-Imam Al-Baqer (A.S.) and Al-Imam As-Sadeq (A.S.) -, his wives except Sayyedah Khadija (A.S.) and Maymounah (R.A.), his uncles and aunts as well as according to traditions ten thousand companions of him, was bulldozed by the Aal-i-Saud (Saudi rulers) on 8th day of 10th month of Islamic calendar that is Shawwal in 1926.

Then the authorities erected a wall around the whole area of Baqii cemetery which is housed in the holy city of Medina, known as City of Prophet Muhammad (S.W.). A platform has been built just outside the wall where people can stand and see the graves of the infallible progeny of Holy Prophet (S.W.) and shed tears. People are not allowed to enter the inner circle of the wall or to go near the graves. They have to stand about 30 feet away from the place and can see the outlines of the graves.

There have been narrated a number of sayings of holy Prophet (S.W.) regarding elevated status of cemetery of Baqii, his visitation and prayer for him who is buried therein. From among these is that holy prophet (S.W.) was used to go to Baqii in the last part of night, and after sending salam (greeting) to the buried ones, he was used to pray for them.

Despite commandments of Allah and his Prophet (S.W.) for revering Shaaer Allah (the Signs of Allah) terming this act as piety of hearts, the Saudi rulers fearlessly bulldozed the holy shrines that are Shaaer Allah incurring wrath of Allah and his beloved prophet Muhammad (S.W.), trampling human rights and tearing Islamic, human, legal and moral values apart.

Islam World quotes the destruction in these words: It looked like a town was razed to the ground. All over the cemetery nothing was to be seen but little indefinite mounds of earth and stonesblocks of stone, pieces of timber, iron bars, and a broken rubble of cement and bricks strewn about been. It was like the broken remains of a town, which had demolished by an earthquake. All was a wilderness of ruined building material and tombstones, not ruined by a casual but raked away from their places and ground small.


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