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Protest against Israel & America

Friday, August 11, 2006

Dear Brother/Sister in Islam, as you know Israel is killing innocent children; women and peaceful citizens from last 6 decades. Now it started aggression against its neighbor Lebanon. It is committing war crime by bombing buildings, houses and by killing women and children. For such attacks he has no reason just says Hizbullah kidnapped his two solders. Israel attacked Lebanon 6 times and occupied it territory and it is Hizbullah who enforced it to leave Lebanon. In present dispute fact is this Israel first entered into Lebanon and ambush took place between Hizbullah and Israel. Hizubllah killed some Israelis solders and some were made war prisoners. There are hundreds of Civilins and Hizbullah's Gaurilla in Israelis jails but it is "not crime". America says Israel has right to defend himself. Is this defense to Kill Childs, what is their guilt? why women are killed?. Why hospitals are destroyed?. Why UN Peace keepers are attacked and killed.?. Why world is not doing action against Israel and America.
United Nation, it takes action when ever it is required to protect non Muslims e.g. East Temor, Darfar etc. When ever any resolution is presented against Israel America did it veto, why?. Fact is that America always protected its illegal son Israel recently during war it provided F-22 to Israel. America say that they want to disarm Hizbullah on the other hand he provides latest Arms and Jets to illegal son Israel and helps it by all means.
In the whole scenario it is demand of time that Muslim rulers should awake and leave pleasing America. Try to Please Allah. Change your face toward Qibla not America. Super Power is Allah. Awake up otherwise the sooner turn will be yours. Muslims should Unite ( Wa Tase Mou Be Hablilah-e-Jamian-wala Tafarqoo). Raise your voice against Israeli Aggression and American Polices and Oppression. I request you to do protest against Israel and America where ever you are. Tell your friends all over the world what Israel is doing and say them to raise voice and demand to their government to condemn Israeli Aggression. If you people will get united, do protest, Rulers will be forced to take action. May Allah Help Hizubllah and Muslims all over the world.
Death to America, Death to Israel.
Rawalpindi, Pakistan 

Ahlalbait youth organization in the Netherlands

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Salaam Alakom dear Brother/Sister,
We are the Ahlalbait youth organization, established in the Netherlands.

The organisation has been set up by a group of the Dutch Shia youth in the Netherlands, volunteering to invest effort, time and money in establishing an organisation to represent, take care of the interests and issues, and bring together the Moslem youth in general and the Ahlalbait followers in particular.

Some of our aims are:
- To inform the Moslem youth with an Ahlalbait background on their faith, it’s principles, its ideology and the desired way of life.

- To increase the awareness and knowledge of Islam in general and Ahlalbait doctrine within the Moslem and non Moslem communities.

- To increase the understanding and acceptance between non Moslems and Ahlalbait followers.

- To help and advise the Ahlalbiat youth in the Netherlands on social issues like work, study and other.

- To act as a vocal point for the Ahlalbait youth in the Netherland to different oranisations.

- To celebrate and commemorate religious happenings, births etc.

With gods blessing the organisation has been officially registerd one month ago. However as a group we have been active for over one year now. Due to the fragmentation of the Moslem youth in the Netherlands it is difficult to reach all by direct contact.

To improve the exposure and get our organisation known within the Moslim community (especially Ahlalbait followers in the Netherlands) we are seeking some help. We know that a great amount of our youth visits the international (English) websites for information. That’s why we are asking you, our brothers and sisters, if it is possible to place a link, banner, or article on your website to inform the followers. Any form of help is quite welcome. If you would like we are also prepared to do an interview with one of the organisations chairmen.
We are also happy to do the same for your website on our base (www.ahlalbait.nl).
We hoop to hear from you soon.
Ahlalbait youth organization in the Netherlands
Media Committee

UMAA Relief Appeal for Lebanon

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

And whoever saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the entire people." (Holy Qur’an, 5:35)
The Continuing attack on Lebanon has destroyed country's infrastructure, with men, women and children fleeing from home. About one million people- a quarter of total population-is rendered homeless with no supplies. Most are women and children, and they have no belongings except the clothes they are wearing. The destruction of bridges on the main highways connecting the cities is going to make matters worse. There is lack of accommodation, and countless people are residing in the streets and open spaces.
A great humanitarian crisis is looming large over Lebanon as the living conditions, particularly in the South, are becoming unbearable due to the unavailability of shelter, food and medicine for the inhabitants.
The country’s fuel reserves are estimated to last for only another week. Hospitals are running out of supplies. Food prices rose threefold, and shortages are felt, as new supplies cannot be delivered.
Every one enjoying the bounties of peace, a secure home, sufficient food and health care when needed should make his or her contribution to ease the suffering of the victims of a deadly war. Please, give generously, so that we can supply food and clothing to men and women, children and elderly persons who escaped the fighting with no more than they could wear or carry. Please rest assure, your donation will be sent to these people who are in desperate need of your help. UMAA is a tax-exempt, non profit organization.
For donations, please contact us at info@umaamerica.net , or mail your check payable to UMAA RELIEF (for Lebanon) at the following address:
P.O. Box 414
Burtonsville. MD 20866
Thank you,
Dr. Parvez Shah
President , Universal Muslim Association of America

Request of Hasan Nasrulah

Saturday, August 5, 2006


Leader of Hizbollah Hasan Nasrulah has requested all the Shiites to recite Joshan-e-Sagheer for their cause. Please recite Joshan-e-Sagheer atleast once ASAP for the great victory of Momneen against Zionists.

Please spread his message to other momneen by phone ,emails or other ways which are possible.

God Bless Hizbollah
Long Live Hasan Nasrullah

Sher Ali Anjum

Information about shia in Tunisia

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Assalamo alaikom _ informations
Please i want information about shia in tunisia from 1980 to 2006 how many,their leader,....,because i am new member in atbaa ahlo elbeit (mostabser) and i want to contact the shia in my country TUNISIA .shokran jazilan .

Press Release: Carnage in Lebanon

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Universal Muslim Association of America (UMAA) condemns the deadly Israeli air raid killing more than 60 innocent civilians, including at least 37 children, in Qana, Lebanon. This terrible act is a crime against humanity. The international community must raise their voice against this wanton massacre and act immediately to put an end to hostilities. We call on President Bush and Secretary General Kofi Annan to act without delay to bring about ceasefire and a lasting solution to the Palestinian question for a durable peace in the Middle East.
Dr. Parvez Shah

Saudi sectarian verdicts against Hezbullah

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Salam o Alaykom,

I came across the news of Wahabi Saudi clerics who issued religious verdicts banning support for the Lebanese Hezbullah. These mullas are not working for Islam and Muslims their verdicts show their loyalty for America and Zionists. King Abdullah should take notice of such type of mullas who are damaging the concept of Islam and creating hatred among Muslims.

Hassan Al-Husni

Letter to Youth

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dear Youth,

Assalam Alaikum,

I appreciate your energy, zeal and interest which all of you showed in the last UMAA convention. I believe the young professional dinner and the workshop conducted by Zahir Janmohamed were extremely well received. UMAA is thankful for your participation.

To keep you involved in the affairs of UMAA and convention planning. I am looking for 9-11 energetic volunteers from you who can spare time for this important task. My suggestion and recommendation would be for the volunteers to be between the ages of 20-25.Please get in touch with me at the UMAA office or Dr. Kashif Haider to coordinate this challenging task and make it more useful and pleasant for all of you. If you are interested please respond within 7-10 days, so that we may start the ball rolling. Hopefully, we will have a mix of men and women. I want to provide a program for the youth which they consider their own and meets their needs and requirements.


Parvez Shah, MD
President of UMAA

Nuqta-e-Nazar, Mashraq-e-Wasta

Monday, July 24, 2006

Khursheed Nadeem, Columnist, Daily Jang
I read your column in Dialy Juang “Nuqta-e-Nazar, Mashraq-e-Wasta” dated 24 July, 2006. In this column you tried to divide Shia, Suni Muslims. You wrote Arab countries are quite now and it is due to that “Hizbullah” that is Shia Organization. I ask from you, Taalban Regime was only having ties with some Arab Countries. When Afghanistan was attacked why they did not supported Taalban Regime that consists of Suni Muslims. This is fact most of Arab countries can not go against America because their ruler are just puppet. For your kind information no doubt Hizbullah’s leadership is Shia but it consists of Shia Suni both Muslim even supported by christens of Lebanon. You said that Iran is supporting Hizbullah due to it consists of Shia Muslims. Here you also tried to spread sectarianism Iran is not only supporting to Hizbullah but also supporting Hamas that consists of Suni Muslims. All this scenario should be seen in broader view Muslim not on sectarian base.
You said if one Israelian is Murdered then more Muslims are Martyred why Muslim leaders do so?. Tell me when their homes are bombed, their territory is occupied, they are enforced to leave their country, what they should do?. They should do nothing?. You did not read this saying “If you want peace be ready for Fight (Jang)”.
Sakhawat Khan.
Mansehra, Pakistan

Solidarity Campaign in Support of Lebanon

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Brothers and Sisters,
I just wanted to know if you have organised a humanitarian solidarity campaign in support of Lebanon, particularly in terms of relief donations and aid to Lebanese refugees in South Lebanon.  Please forward me any details or links to websites involved in this humanitarian effort in order that I circulate them to supportive organisations and institutions.
I have also attached herewith a file (Assafir List) listing Lebanese charities that were noted via the Assafir Lebanese newspaper; along with details related to the main succour organisation (al-Hay'a al-'ullya li-al-ighatha) set up by the Lebanese government.
Also, the Lebanese Red Cross can be reached via:
Yours faithfully,
Nader El-Bizri (London, UK)

HCI's Activities in Lebanon & Palestine

wednesday, July 19, 2006

Assalamu Alaykum

I was able to reach Lebanon. I spoke with Dr. Abdul Majid Haddad, our regional director in Lebanon. He is in Tripoli area where a large number of displaced people from Southern Lebanon are heading to. He said that "Lebanese civilians have been under constant attack for the past several days. All major installations have been destroyed, connecting roads and bridges, buildings and houses have been either severely damaged or totally destroyed. Due to the maritime and air siege, the entire population of the country has become the target. Innocent civilians are being indiscriminately punished".

Schools and other facilities are opened to accommodate the increasing number of displaced. They are in need for any possible assistance, including mattresses, food, water and basic heath care utilities…He is pleading us to help, and urgently provide funds for emergency relief to save the Lebanese Civilian population.

As for Palestine, the situation is the same; destruction, devastation, people fleeing for safety and begging for help.

As you know, we have an office in Lebanon since 1986 and have also been working in Palestine. We are going to advane an amount of US$100,000 (50,000 each for Lebanon and Palestine) to start relief work immediately. For now we will be sending these funds from our General funds and, together with you, will make every effort to raise more than what we are allocating. As you know, we have already issued appeals throughout Canada, are placing ads and contacting mosques and centres to allow us to raise funds this coming Friday. We are also planning other fundraising activities.

We solicit your help in this regard. Please distribute the attached flyer in the mosques and centers in your area, contact imams and khateebs about the tragedy and request them to encourage people to donate to HCI. Also, please place ads in different community papers, as well as forward the flyer via email to your contacts and ask for donations. We would also urge you to please arrange for fundraising activities and programs. JAK

Btw, Abdul Majid told me that banks are still functioning and sending funds will not be a problem.


Kaleem (HCI Executive Director)

HCI Regional Manager

HCI Montreal Office
6555 Cote des Neiges
suite 360
Montréal H3S 2A6     

Lebanon crisis?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why are you not covering the lebanon crisis? are they not shiite muslims? a nation is being destroyed at least help our fellow shias with your website! are you zionist?

Ali Abbas      

A momin in need is a momin indeed

Monday, July 17, 2006

Dear Momineen, Aslam-o-Alaikum, my name is Syed Anwaar Hussain; recently I did my MS in Biomedical Engineering from Polytechnic University NY. These days I am looking for an entry level position in biomaterial research and development. I have been applying to different companies and websites, but no positive response so far. I believe the effective and fastest way to find a job is through reference and networking. Since I don’t have big network that’s why I am looking towards my momineen brothers. Being Momin, we should help each other by all means. What I am asking is, if any one of you belong to biotechnology field or know anyone in this field, please introduce me to that person, or if any one of you can guide me how to find my career job, it would be great help.
Here is my resume along with this email, pls spare some time to help me,
With regards
Syed hussain"

Inalilahe wa Ina Ilahe Rajeoon

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Allama Hasan Turabi, a well-known Shia cleric, his nephew Ali Abbas and guard were martyred and 3 more Police guard injured in a powerful bomb attack near the residence of Allama Turabi at Abul Hassan Isphahani Road, in Abbas Town, Karachi on Friday 14th July around 4:05 PM.

His nephew Ali Abbas and guard martyred on the spot while Allama was rushed to Patel Hospital, where he succumbed his injuries. His dead body then sent to Fatimiya Community Center, where Molana Mehmood Moosvi, Molana Hasan Zafar, Molana Asghar Shaheedi and several other clerics reached there.

Nimaz e Janaza was held on Saturday 15th July 2006 after Nimaz e Zuhrain at Shah-e- Khurasan Karachi, Pakistan. Please recite Namaz-e-Wahshet today.

He was a president of Shia Ullema Council in Sindh Province, southern part of country. Allama Hassan Turabi was a very influential personality in Shia and Sunni communities, well known political and religious leader. His party is a member of Mutaheda Majlis e Amal. He struggled for Shia Sunni Unity and was very strong supporter of Muslim harmony. He always raised his voice for Muslim cause. He always supported morally to the oppressed people of Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq and Lubnan.

Before his martyrdom he was coming back from the rally against Israel that has attacked on Lubnan and butchering Palestine’s Muslims. People think that he is punished by anti Islamic forces who are violating Muslims in all over the world and don’t want Muslims to be Unite.

MMA (Mutahda Majlis e Amal) has announced strike on Saturday and Shia Ulema Council declared 3 days mourn. President, Prime minister and several other religious and political parties condemned this brutal act. Martyrdom of Allam Turabi is a great loss of Pakistani Muslims and especially for the Shia Community.

Al-Mahdi News & Shia American Relationship Council (SARC) condemned the attack and requests the Muslimeen of USA to observe the 3 days mourn and make Qur’an Khawani in Masajid and Imam Bargah to show the support the community for UNITY. A Press Release has been issued on this occasion and dispatched to the media for coverage. 

By: sehnaqvi@aol.com     

Conflict in the Middle East

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The outright war against Lebanon and Palestine by Israel is not only deplorable, but also contrary to all international standards. Although abduction of two Israeli soldiers is not justifiable, yet an excessive show of force by Israel and its all out attack on Lebanon will serve only to further destabilize the already fragile conditions in the region. It has been proven beyond doubt that political and economic instability and deprivation of human rights both provide breeding ground for terrorism, which international community can ill-afford in these turbulent times.

We at UMAA call upon President George Bush to immediately intervene and bring the parties to the table to negotiate a deal for a durable peace in the region. We sincerely hope that the United Nations and the international community shall, without any delay, also play their positive and constructive role to bring an end to hostilities and hasten the process of resolving the long outstanding Palestinian question.

Dr. Parvez Shah
President, Universal Muslim Association of America (UMAA)      

Thanks for giving news of Israelis attack

Friday, July 14, 2006

Thanks for giving news of Israelis attack on Lebanon and not condemening Israel and America. By giving this news like this shows your enemity towards islamic republic of iran an loyality to america.

The White House condemned the Hizbollah attack and blamed Syria and Iran, which both back the group.

From: Ammarfizza@aol.com    

Books needed

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I am interested in 2 books.
1. Islamic medical wisdom
2. Rights of prisoner in Islam

What is the address of the publisher or how to order these books.

Thank you,

Nuzhat Khatoon
Reference Librarian
Asian Division
Library of Congress
Jefferson Bldg., Rm. 150
101 Independence Ave., S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20540-4810
Telephone: 202-707-2666
Fax 202-707-1724

al-najma.org flays Kufa tragedy

Friday, July 7, 2006

www.al-najma.org  from the city of Zaynab binte Ali (AS) – Damascus, Syria - has strongly condemned terrorism committed in Kufa near the holy shrine of Sahabi Metham At-Tammar (RA).
Dr. Issam Abbas

Reconstruction of Baqi and Samarra

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Dear Agha
Pl. guide us what steps Shias of World should take for Re construction of Baqi and Samarra Holy Mazarat.
Yrs. in Islam
Kheezer Marine 02

Shia mosque in west Virginia

Saturday, July 1, 2006

I already got a building to start a shia mosque in west Virginia, this will be the first shia mosque, i need holy qurans, phamphlets, booklets, and any other shia iteams,
for the shia mosque, my address:

sheikh kalil rafi
post office box 32
westfield, north carolina
thank you for your help,
ya! ali
sheikh rafi

Peace Message from Pakistan

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dear brothers & sisters, we all need to pray for one another, and to love one another. We should always pray for the safety, peace, love and brotherhood for people all over the world. Too bad we can't have an independence day for the entire world. A day of freedom from ignorance, hatred, war, illusions, power and control. A day where we can all love each other as human beings and toss away the weapons of war, and cast out our fears and hatreds from our hearts into the graves. We must mourn the graves of the innocents all over the world, and give the children of the world the hope of a peaceful, loving and beautiful world. A world full of love and without hatred or fear. A world where we can join hands together and accept one another, regardless of our skin color, ethnic divisions, religion or nationality. If we don't unite as a human race, then we have condemned the future generation of children a dark and very grim future. Think of love, compassion and peace always...

Merciful God, You made all of the people of the world in Your own image and placed before us the pathway of salvation through different Preachers who claimed to have been Your Saints and Prophets. But, the contradictions (made by us) in the interpretation of Your teachings have resulted in creating divisions, faith based hatreds and bloodshed in the world community. Millions of innocent men, women and children have so far been brutally killed by the militants of several religions who have been committing horrifying crimes against humanity and millions more would not be butchered by them in the future, if You guide and help us find ways to reunite peacefully.

look with compassion on the whole human family; take away the controversial teachings of arrogance, divisions and hatreds which have badly infected our hearts; break down the walls that separate us; reunite us in bonds of love; and work through our struggle and confusion to accomplish Your purposes on earth; that, in Your good time, all nations and races could jointly serve You in justice, peace and harmony. (Amen)

Peace Activist PAKISTAN 

Address of Thegu City

Friday, June 30, 2006


Can you Tell Me the Address of Thegu City Where Fatimiyah Commemoration takes Place or any Contact no of Shia Momin in Thegu Or Pohang South Korea

Khuda hafiz

Asgar Ali khan

Zionists aggression in Gaza! Where is Iran army

Friday, June 30, 2006

Salamun alaykum editor

Zionists aggression in Gaza!!!!! Where is voluntarily army of Iran and Arab countries? Palestinian territory is on risk do practice now come and help Palestinians…chant slogans against the presence of Zionists and their attacks over Gaza.

Sameer Al Said   

Moslems in the west and confrontation of the challenges

Friday, June 23, 2006

By:-The General-Secretary- To Bani Hashem Organization Al-Alama Sayed Mohammad Ali Al-Husseini (Lebanese)
Praise is due to the master of the world, who blessed us by the blessing of religion, and he complete it to us after he sent the sealer of the prophets Mohammad (PBUH) and after him the chief of believers Ali (PB) and his purified family, and the curse is always on the ones who hurt them to the day of judgment.
And after:
with great regret that the dignity of the human being and its rights are wasted and confiscated in our third world, where the human being is forced to immigrate: it is an operation of moving from his country of birth to an other country where he can live in with dignity, and can trust on his life from the destruction or the jail, and on his money not to be wasted. Or the moving to other shelter where he can fulfill his wishes and lives with dignity.         

Urs Mubarak 27th July to 4th Aug 2006 “AJMER SHARIF”

Monday, June 12, 2006

Dear Devotee of Panjetan Paak (A.S.) & Huzoor Gharib Nawaz (R.A.)

Hope by the grace of Allah Paak and for the sake of Panjetan Paak (A.S.) and through the mediation of blessing of Huzoor Gharib Nawaz (R.A.) you are hale and hearty along with your family. I pray for all of you for the all well-beings.

I am writing this letter from the Darbar of Hazrat Khwaja Syed Moinuddin Hassan Chishty”Garib Nawaz” in Ajmer (India) Huzoor Gharib Nawaz is ‘Aal-e-Nabi’ Awlad–e-Ali .In maternal relation he is “Hassani” & in paternal relation he is “Hussaine” He is also the descendent of Imam Moose Kazim(A.S) so he is “Kazmi Syed”

I came to know about you on the Internet and guess you also one of the devotees of Khwaja Sahab. I am inviting you writing this letter to come to Ajmer. With great pleasure

You will be pleased to know that 27th July to 4th Aug 2006 (Islamic 1st Rajab to 14th Rajab) the Annual URS Sharif festival will be held in this year. Near about 10 to 12 lacks of devotees from every corner of the world use to come to visit the holy tomb and through the mediation of blessing of Khwaja Baba every one’s hearty and cherished desires being fulfilled.

The following rites and rituals are being performed at the holly Darbar, Such as The Royal veil (Chadar),Every day and night “Langar” (Food),Sweet meal are being cooked in the big & small cauldron, Beside the “Flower”, “Itre” etc. are being offered towards the holy tomb. and “Khatm’s are also being recited at Darbar Sharif.

I am cordially inviting you to visit the Darbar of Hazrat Khwaja Syed Moinuddin Chishty Known as Gharib Nawaz (R.A.) of Ajmer Sharif Rajisthan (India). People from all religious, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist and all casts and creeds, high and low classes use to come to this Darbar. There are no discrimination over hear Because Khwaja Sahab. (R.A.) convey the message of humanity and love to all. Which is effective even to day. Every body come to Darbar and fulfills hearty desires. Vast crowd of pilgrims from every corner of the world come over here.

I pray for you and for your family at Darbar for all well being. May Allah Paak keep all of you always hale and hearty, bestow flourishment in earning, fulfil all hearty desires and keep safely from all troubles, enemies, diseases and all evils (Ameen)

Presents yourselves in the Darbar or take share in Nazar-O-Niyaz and ‘Langar’ (food distribution) .If you would like to send presents, donations for Darbar, you can send to Darbar write my name and address by registered post only. You also invite your acquaintances the devotees of Khwaja Sahab or ziarat and take part in Nazar-O-Niyaz.

For more information of Darbar Watch our website: www.ziaratekhwaja.com

If you would like to send (Presents) Donation for Darbar Langar (food distribution) & say of your relatives, close one, friends intend to take part in such religious performance all of you are cordially invited and if in case you are unable to come personally yet you can take part by sending your hearty contribution the amount of Nazar-O-Niyaz’ may be send through British Postal Order, $, Demand draft of cheque duly crossed & mention my name SHAH SYED ZAKARIA GURDEZI. A/C.No 018501-510616 ICICI BANK AJMER by registered post only you can send to Following Address Head Office Ziarat-E-Khwaja or by my name & address. After receiving your contribution I’ll utilize the same as per you desires with special prayers for you and for your all family beseeching towards Khwaja Sahab on behalf of you (by name) for your well being and the sacred Tabarrukat will be sent to you after the Urs Sharif.

Please reply me.You will contact me to my E-mail Address & my cell number 00+91+9829073492,if you want Tabaruqat (Par shad) please inform me.
My son Shah Syed Ali Abbas Gurdezi is conveying salaam to all of you.

Please convey this message of love to all the devotees Muslims, Hindu, brothers and sisters in your region.

Awaiting your early response as an acknowledgement.

A/C BANK ICICI -018501-510616

Your Prayerfully


Ph.: 0091-145-2423825, 2430149 (M) 00+91+9829073492
Website: www.ziaratekhwaja.com
E-mail: zakariagurdezi@ziaratekhwaja.com
E-mail: khwajasharif_ajmer@yahoo.com 
E-mail: khwajasharif@yahoo.com

Miracle girl

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Aslamo Alaikum

Please read carefully the following miracle and forward it to others.

A miracle girl Fatima , who may be about 8-9 years in age, has memorized not only whole Qur'an but also she has mastered which Ayah is in which Surat . If you ask her a word or a topic in Qur'an she can tell where and when. Click the following link and see for your self , how she is being tested in a middle East country (Lebanon or Iran ) www.bolbol.net/islamics/videos/quranic_girl.ram 

Watch video by clicking the above link


Salam from Chile, South America

Friday, June 02, 2006


Sorry but we don`t speak English only Spanish. our web page is
www.islamchile.com (islam shia in spanish) we are Islamic Shia Chilean, our grand parents are arrive to Chile since 100 years ago from Lebanon, Syria and Palestine and we need address of Islamic Center Shia for help us.

Please give us address of Islamic Center from Islamic world we need help for make a Masyid.

Hayy Fouad Moussa

Centro de Cultura Islàmica


Martin de Zamora 4224
Las Condes-Santiago CHILE
Fono: (056-2)2078629
Cel.: 09-6711645             

Felicidades (Congratulations) from El Salvador

Friday, June 02, 2006

En el Nombre de Dios, el Compasivo, el Misericordioso

Enviamos nuestras felicitaciones al Imam Muhammad Al Mahdi (AS), a nuestros sabios y sabias, y a todos los y las creyentes del mundo en este aniversario de la mayor mensajera de la Revolucion Hussaini, la hija de Amir Al-Mu'Minin Imam Ali Ibn Talib (AS) y Fatimah Az-Zahra (AS)

Sayeda Zainab Al-Kubra (AS)

quien naciese el 5 de Jamadi Al-Awwal, del ano 5 de la era islamica, de acuerdo a una narracion.

En esta feliz ocasion tambien deseamos anunciarles
las nuevas publicaciones electronicas del Centro Cultural Islamico "Fatimah Az-Zahra"
para el mes de Junio/2006

Comunidad Islamica Shiita de El Salvador

Ali Amir Al Mu'Minin (P)

Debate Libre en el Islam de Mohammadi Rai Shahri

Que Dios Bendiga al Profeta Muhammad y a su Descendencia Purificada por Completo!


Comunidad Islamica Shiita de El Salvador

Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) in the sight of a Sunni Scholar

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

As Salamu Alaikum,

Please review these views from Ahlus Sunnah sources. One article is in favor of the Iman of Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) and the other in regards to the commemoration of Imam Al Husayn (AS) on Ashura.

It should be noted that these articles are from Sunni Naqshbandi sources and were written by a major Deputy of the worldwide leader of the Naqshbandi tariqa, Shaykh Nazim Adil Al Hakkani, Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin-Al Husayni.

Both of the above individuals are Sunni, Sufi-Sayyids and Shaykh Nazim has millions of followers throughout the world, including the Sultans of Malaysia and the former President of Indonesia and the Sultans of the UAE.

Here are the links to these articles and their websites, kindly review them and promote them for the sake of unity.

Regarding the Beliefs of Abu Talib


Regarding the Commemoration of Imam al-Husayn on Ashura
Qutb Shahi

To President Ahmadinejad

Friday, May 26, 2006

To President Ahmadinejad
I have already spent three hours writing you but my computer crashed and I am having to start over. I apologize for my ignorant government officials dismissing your letter instead of using it to start a dialog. All of the people in the current administration are millionaires and apparently they think it is beneath them to start a dialog with you because they believe their bowel movements don’t stink.
Political forums are interesting as well as university students, but university students don’t rule the world, people our age do (I’m 49 and go to college). I believe it is best to leave religion out of communications between world leaders other than to confirm that God is Love. To acknowledge that anything other than spreading love is not living in God’s will should set the necessary open mindedness for rekindling friendships.
So Saddam did not have any weapons of mass destruction and that is wonderful, don’t you think? I forget the exact figures but I believe he killed around 100,000 Iranian soldiers with chemical weapons? I do know that he killed 5000 of his own Kurds in Halabja in 88 to keep Iran from over running it. Aren’t you glad America took him out of office? Would the Iraqi’s be better off with the man that murdered 300,000 Shiites because they were not of the same faith?
Living in the past is not the way forward for the leaders of the 246 countries and dependencies. Living in today and doing God’s will by spreading his love is living in the solution. We all make mistakes and you need to regress from your Nazi talk about wiping Israel off of the map.
Granted it is an injustice that they ran the Palestinians out of their homes in 1948 and many Palestinians still have the keys to the houses they were run out of. It is despicable that they gather around a house after stealing it from a Palestinian family and dance around it and sing and party having stolen someone’s home.
I saw an interview Oprah Winfrey did with an old Jew at the concentration camp Auschwitz in Poland. They showed a room 65 yards long and several feet high of human hair. They immediately put women that would not part with their babies in the gas chambers with their babies. They murdered 1.5 million Jews at that concentration camp alone. All you have to do is look up Nazi Concentration Camps on the web and you will know why they were so angry at their treatment in the world they reestablished themselves in the homeland the Romans kicked them out of two millenniums ago. You say you are a teacher then you should know the Jews have been in the area of Israel for thousands of years. That doesn’t excuse the oppression of the Palestinian people but they are trying to make that right.
You are no longer some wild university student screaming in the streets waving posters and being a youth expressing his love of life by wanting to change everything in one day. What you need to change is your attitude toward personal freedoms and stop your ridiculous rhetoric about murdering all of the people in Israel because you believe it makes you more popular.
Hydro, Biomass, Solar, Wind, and geothermal renewable energy are the way of the future. Not poisoning the earth with more "curse of the universe" nuclear factories. If you don’t believe it is against God’s will to promote these earth destroying factories, go find out how long it is going to be before the radioactive ground water under Pripyat, Ukraine reaches the Black Sea. What do you think is going to happen to the people and wildlife once it reaches the Black Sea? Go find out how long it is going to be before the radioactive poisons from Lake Karachai in Siberia reaches the Arctic Ocean. How much of an environmental catastrophe is it going to be to the oceans when it does? Ask your Russian friends when they are going to get the nuclear submarine engines currently destroying the oceans from the White Sea out and dispose of them as safely as possible.
American wind farms are saving a billion cubic feet of natural gas a day (Bcf/day). Solar, or photoelectric, cells through synchronized mirrors known as heliostats that track the sun across the sky alone would be enough to satisfy Iranian electricity needs
In America 10 gigawatts of new solar capacity will be installed in the next decade, the equivalent of 10 nuclear power plants. Large scale solar farms are being built all over the U.S. as well as smaller photovoltaic panels installed on top homes and buildings are going to replace fossil fuel in the near future as scientists are inventing ways to make it more cost efficient faster and faster.
Scientists say the cost of solar produced electricity will be cut in half in the next 10 years. Hydro cell cars are going to replace fossil fuel cars soon. The faster the rich people are overruled and it is done 10 times as fast, the sooner the automobiles in the world will be producing water vapors instead of the poisons currently coming out of vehicles destroying the earth.
So you see Mr. president, the best way to help your people is to compete with Australia, Europe, and America in renewable energy on an industrial scale. Not making God angry by building more earth destroying unnecessary nuclear factories
The best scientists in the world say that if the destruction of the earth is not reversed in the next 10 years it will be too late and life on earth as it has been known since the end of the dinosaur age will come to an end. If it is not reversed in the next 10 years the polar ice caps, Greenland, and the glaciers in the world will completely disappear. Some believe it is already too late.
If it is three degrees Fahrenheit hotter in 2050 places like Florida and Louisiana are going to be under the ocean. You can stop trying to make yourself more popular by saying you are going to wipe Israel off of the map because the people in most countries at sea level on the coast of the five continents of this precious planet are going to either move or live on boats if we don’t start fast tracking replacing fossils fuels with renewable energy on an industrial scale. This is God’s planet not ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We don’t have the right to destroy it. All nuclear factories will do is make God angry. You now know what the real solution is. Just remember if we don’t reverse the destruction of earth in the next 10 years by the year 2100 the earth will become a Mars like uninhabitable planet. The scientists say that if the earth is 19 degrees hotter at the end of this century then the methane gas at the bottom of the oceans will bubble to the top ending life on earth as it has been known since the end of the dinosaur age.
You cannot live in God’s will if you are living in your ego. So stop encouraging this false pride about "curse of the universe" nuclear factories. Take your oil wealth and try to put the rest of the world to shame by developing renewable energy faster than everyone else. That will be living in God’s will and I know for a fact God will bless your country beyond your imagination if you start down that path and leave the current one.
Let us leave Africa and Latin America out of it because they aren’t the ones with the means to stop destroying the planet or threatening human existence with nuclear destruction.
The Taliban is no friend of Iran so I won’t even go there. The only comment I will make about them is to point out that life under them is to turn the national soccer stadium into an execution chamber to shoot women in the head for committing adultery. Is it fair to line up all of the adulterous woman in Afghanistan and shoot them in the head in the national soccer stadium because their husbands aren’t men enough to satisfy their reproductive urges?
It is a pitiful shame the US did not make friends with Iran immediately after Saddam was removed from power. The religious rulers putting you in power was the result of that. It may seem far fetched but rekindling the friendship between the US and Iran is the best solution for both countries and the world at large.
God is Love, not hate, God is Great!
Gist Finley Combs

Application for Islamic books and Quran

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

yasirudiya islamic school
p.o.box (as) 353
Dear brothers in islam,
i am very grateful to write to you this message .by the way I hope you are doing very well and work too.
the reason why i am writing to you is that i am the proprietor for Mohamadiya Islamic and this arabic school was establish in June 27 2005. i have build a library for the school but we have no tools in the library and we are in need of Quran so that we can fill our library. no i will get help from you and others that is why i built the library
ok may all might Allah help you and also ,you help as.
All kinds of praise and all thanks belong to Allah the lord of the universe. Blessings and peace be upon the last prophet and messenger Muhammad, his family, his companions and all those who follow his footprints till the last day.

yasir abass

An Affair of the Heart

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"An Affair of the Heart is based on the visionary dreams that have come to the author who is a young lady and a non-Muslim. The work is a powerful testimony to the power of dreams. Dreams that feature the holy family of Islam, to bring about momentous consequences in the lives of individuals."
Dr. I.K.A Howard
"Vivid description of these important and motivating events is of very high value and extreme merit. Any Momin would offer everything, even his/her life, to experience even a short glimpse of such wonderful dreams."
Dr.S Kalbe Sadiq.
Miss Rai writes, "I would not ask you to be objective about what you read in this book… And because the content is heavily dependent on the “matters of the heart”, I know you can never ignore the temptation of emotional as well as intellectual subjectivity. Moreover, divinity is never objective.’ Dreams are the touchstones of our characters. I do not prevaricate when I say so. I have told you of the dreams that have moved my worlds. They came out of nowhere, turned my world upside down, then up again and they are here to stay. This book is nothing but a truthful expression of the meditation, research and analysis provoked by an ample dosage of spiritual inspiration."
Rai is beamingly happy that in this book she has proudly answered Huxley’s question: ‘If a little knowledge is dangerous, where is the man who has so much as to be out of danger?’
Readers in the UK and Europe please contact Syed M.R. Shabbar of Muhammadi Trust, 0208-3361018; Mr. Murtaza Bandeali of Alif International Uk, 01923240844, 07811609981.
And also you can purchase online at www.islamicbooks.org 
Anita rai

Best wishes

Monday, May 08, 2006

Respected Editor


I am almost a regular visitor of the Jaffariyanews.com, I on my behalf extend warm wishes for the site. Keep it up.



Thursday, May 04, 2006

Marking the birth anniversary of Molana Al-Imam Al-Hasan Al-Askary (AS), we extend to you warmest greetings.
From: Ar-Rasul Al-Akram (SW) Cultural Foundation

A humble request

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"In the name of allah the most beneficient and the most mercifull"

Dear brothers

salam alaikum
1st of all i would to congragulate about the excellent efforts done by you all. i have a simple request . kindly add an icon of "tell a friend about this article" to your http://www.jafariyanews.com  website. please do the needful.

Thank you & keep up the good up and Allah the glory bless you with a lots of happiness and success.


saqib abbas


Sunday, April 30, 2006

I am Parvez Merchant from USA originally from Bhavnagar, Gujarat India. Please add in your free member information to Bhavnagari.com Our ultimate goal is to bring everyone closer to Bhavnagar even if one is far apart. Please join us and reply with what other information would you like to see on bhavnagari.com. If you don't wish to add your address please add word "Private" in address field.

Looking forward to seeing you online. We are also going to have future member chatting section, message board, find Lost friends, etc.


Why you don’t criticize Muslim countries that insult Islam?

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Editor jafariyanews!

You cry for Muslims, Islam and oppressed while criticize the non Muslims for committing oppression against you and your religion. My question is this why you don’t criticize your Muslim fellows and Muslim countries that are insulting and committing oppression against Islam and Muslims. The publication of this article “Shame of the House of Saud: Gasoline on Prophet’s Mother (s) grave, toilets built on Sayyedah Khadijah (s) house “ is a courageous step that is insisting me to write this letter to you and ask the Muslims that why they are silent now over the insult of your holy sites that is being committed by a Muslim Country. Earlier holy sites in Iraq were damaged and what happening in Iran now, stories of their crime would be revealed. If you have modesty then raise your voices against these crimes too as you do against Hindus and Jews for Al Aqsa Mosque and Babri Mosque. O Muslims, beggars of Justice from others do justice first. If you want peace and justice in this world then I hope that you will place my this post on your website otherwise I have right to consider that your cries for establishment of justice in this world is a jest only.

Amrita Gandhali         

Two sides of picture…..Israel should be "wiped off the map: Iran president; Israeli experts help rehabilitate Iran's quake-hit areas

Monday, April 24, 2006

Hi Editor jafariyanews!

You and your site the promoter of Iran, here let our Jewish community satisfy about the dual standard of your Iranian government. According to news by AFP agency While Iran repeatedly threatens to destroy Israel, the Islamic state has recently hosted experts from its arch rival who helped rehabilitate areas devastated by earthquakes. The services of the three unnamed men, who are employees of a Tel-Aviv based company, were requested by Tehran through a Dutch contracting company which is itself partly owned by an Israeli, the mass selling Yediot Aharonot reported Sunday.The experts examined ways to reinforce certain infrastructures, such as bridges, roads, sewage and pipes which had been destroyed in the massive earthquake which struck south-east Iran in late 2003.Iran and the Jewish state had close economic ties before the 1979 Islamic revolution, with Israeli companies playing a central role in the construction of Iran's modern infrastructure. "We arrived there with blueprints which are still in Israel. Several years ago we were instructed by then infrastructure minister Ariel Sharon to hand the Iranians parts of the Israeli infrastructure plans there following an earthquake," one of the experts said. The three Israelis, who had deposited their passports in the Netherlands and were given special laissez-passez which did not disclose their nationality, were received and hosted by Iranian officials, the report said. According to the experts, indirect commercial ties between the two rival states have flourished during recent years and today involve tens of millions of dollars in commerce as Iran buys Israeli-developed agriculture materials and know-how. During their visit, the experts visited and celebrated the Jewish festival of Passover with members of Tehran's small Jewish community. Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has recently branded Israel as a "tumor" which should be "wiped off the map".

Would you still think about jews and our Israel should wiped off the map????? If yes then change your dual standard and your mean interests first.

Hillel Zahavit



"Knowledge is better than wealth because it protects you while you have to guard wealth. it decreases if you keep on spending it but the more you make use of knowledge ,the more it increases . what you get through wealth disappears as soon as wealth disappears but what you achieve through knowledge will remain even after you."MORE ..



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