March 1991 Intafadha Ash-Sha’baniyah…….When international Media was absent


By: Ismail Zabeeh

HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: This took place in the history but international media was absent… if three thousand people met their death in the horrible Halabja attack, the harvest of holy month of Shaaban Qayam (Intafadha Ash-Sha’baniyah – March 1991) – erupted from the Iraqi southern cities especially Holy Karbala – was 300 thousand people!

After Saddam’s cannons leveled the holy city of Karbala by the fierce missiles and destroyed the most of the houses of the city…

After that mass destruction, the loudspeakers started asking the people (men) of the city of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (AS) to surrender or die…

Some surrendered to survive but others abstained…

Then the Saddami army came, started checking each and every house and held celebrations of putting to death in front of women and children…

This is an epic story, took place in the month of Shaban in 1991, of a nation beaten by tyrants for the sake of her freedom, then the tyrant crushed it … but for Batil (falsehood) one round and for Haqq (truth) rounds.

It is the first time that the photographs of 1991 massacre, used in this report, are being published.

On the occasion of anniversary of Shaban Qayam, we present this report and photographs for our readers, courtesy to Kerbala News.

Holy Husseini Shrine after the Qayam
Even the husseini Haram (sanctuary/shrine) was not spared
Hazrat Ibrahim Mujab ra Tomb after attack
The dead bodies on the houses thresholds
Every angle of the holy city testifies what happened
Father and mother killed, then the young children too
The mothers found their sons after 14 years of separation but in another way
Year 1991
he area between the two sanctuaries was residential and after the Qayam it became a hollow land

More than 70 heroes of the Qayam were martyred inside the Husseini compound
Each house saw orphanhood and widowhood
Every house got harm and 40 percent were completely leveled
Qiblah street leading to Al-Imam Al-Hussein Shrine was similar to Hiroshima after the atomic bomb
Child head…
It turned to a pile of debris…
Shelter less – no house, no food and no patron except Allah
The Husseini sanctuary – and for years it remained empty but from women, children and old
The Holy Lands were not safe from the tyranny of the oppressors throughout the history
They lay on the land, are covered with the sky and all their sons in the mass graves
If this was state of car made of iron then what the state of people in the city


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