Mawaleed-i-Shaban celebrations begin

MANAMA, Bahrain: Celebrations marking the birth anniversaries of Mawaleed-i-Shaban (those who born in the Islamic holy month of Shaban) - Al-Imam Al-Husayn bin Ali bin Abi Talib, Abou’l Fadl Al-Abbas bin Ali bin Abi Talib, Al-Imam Ali bin Al-Husayn Zayn Al-Abidin (peace be on them) - on 3, 4 and 5 Shaban were being held across the globe.

Imam Hussain (a)’s departure marked with reverence

NEW YORK: Majalis-e-aza were held throughout the world at mosques, hussainiyaat, Imambargahs and Aza Khanas on the eve and day of Rajab 28 to mark the departure of the grandson of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), The Lord of Martyrs Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) from Medina to Karbala.

Global report says 1 in 4 practices Islam

PARIS, France: A major new demographic study from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life pegs the world's Muslim population at 1.57 billion, meaning that nearly 1 in 4 people in the world practice Islam. Previous estimates had put the number at anywhere from 1 billion to 1.8 billion.

Muslims worldwide celebrate Mab’ath An-Nabawi Ash-Sharif

PARIS, France: Muslims around the world remembered on July 31, Rajab 27 Thursday the miraculous Night Journey and Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) to heaven and his appointment to Prophethood.

Imam Sadiq (a)’s Niyaz marking Rajab 22 held

LAHORE/ LUCKNOW: On Rajab 22 that is the seventh month of Islamic calendar, devotees of Ahlul Bayt (peace be upon them) made special arrangements for the Niyaz, known as “Koonday” in the Sub Continent, of Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (peace be on him) with utmost veneration at Mosques, Imambargahs, Imambaras, homes and Islamic centers.

World’s top 10 intellectuals are Muslims: Survey

WASHINGTON: The bimonthly US international affairs journal Foreign Policy has just published a survey of the world’s top 20 public intellectuals and the first 10 are all Muslims.

'Fitna' producer worried for charges in Jordan

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: Blasphemer Geert Wilders, a Dutch legislator, will not be prosecuted for inciting hatred of Muslims with his film denouncing the Quran, prosecutor said this week.

First Islamic mobile formed; holds Quran, Nahjul Balagha, Fatawa

PARIS, France: An Iranian Company in the holy city of Qom has produced the first Islamic cell phone, named Taha.

Millions across globe celebrating birth of Waleed Al-Kabah

PARIS, France: Festivals, Galas, poetic nights, seminars, feasts and conferences to celebrate the anniversary of birth of Commander of Faithful Al-Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (AS), cousin, first infallible successor and son-in-law of holy Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Mostafa (SW) were being held on Wednesday July 16, Rajab 13 across the globe.  

Festivities marking Imam Al-Askari (A) b-day across globe

MALMO, Sweden: Marking the anniversary of birth of Al-Imam Al-Hassan Al-Askari (AS), the eleventh infallible Imam from the holy progeny of Prophet Muhammad (SW), on Rabi Ath-Thani 10 grand celebrations, seminars and festivals were held by devotees of Ahlul Beit (AS) in European, American, Arab, African and Asian countries.

Muslim nations tell stop anti-Islam frenzy

PARIS, France: The Organization of the Islamic Conference has renewed a call on the Dutch government to stop the screening of blasphemous anti-Quran film produced by a right-wing MP in the Netherlands.

57 Muslim nations condemn terrorism

DAKAR, SENEGAL: At a two-day summit in Senegal, world Muslim leaders have slammed extremism and terrorism as incompatible with Islam and proposed a high-level international meeting to promote a "dialogue of civilizations" with Christians.

Muslims reverently perform Hajj in Makkah

ARAFAT, Saudi Arabia: Some two million Muslim pilgrims performed Hajj on Tuesday praying for forgiveness and the welfare of Muslims across the world, while the Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdel-Aziz Al ash-Sheikh, Saudi Arabia's state-appointed religious authority, prayed in a sermon before the pilgrims for the prosperity of Muslims and Saudi rulers, and condemned Islamist militants.

Dhol-Qada celebrations culminate

DAMASCUS, HOLY QOM: Celebrations in connection with the birth anniversaries of Hazrete Fatimeh Al-Masumeh (AS) and Hazrete Imam Reza (AS) concluded in Syria, Pakistan, Iraq and Iran.

Call for Muslim-Christian unity encouraging: Vatican interfaith head

ROME, Italy: A top Vatican official in charge of relations with Islam said a recent letter from Muslim scholars to Pope Benedict XVI and other global Christian leaders is very interesting and very encouraging.

Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr

MANAMA, Bahrain: Muslims in different parts of the world celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr with devotion on Saturday, while many Muslims marked Eid on Friday and Sunday upon sighting the new moon which means the end of the holy month of Ramadan and starting of the next month of Islamic calendar Shawal.

Muslims celebrate beginning of Ramadan

CAIRO, Egypt: Millions of Muslims around the world started observing the holy fasting month of Ramadan on Thursday, September 13.

Mab’ath and Meraj celebrations across world

WASHINGTON, United States: 27th Rajab marks Mab’ath (Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.)’s appointment to the Prophetic Mission) and Meraj and Israa.

Worldwide Imam Ali (A) mauled celebrations begin

HOLY NAJAF, Iraq: As the birth anniversary of Imam-ol Mowahideen Al-Imam Ali (a.s.) nears, arrangements to celebrate the auspicious and happy occasion have been finalized throughout the world in general and in the holy cities of Iraq in particular.

Majales mark martyrdom of Bedh’atur Rasul (S) in different countries

KABUL, Afghanistan: Martyrdom Anniversary of Hazret Fatimah Toz-Zahra (AS) was observed in Arab, Asian and European countries like other global parts with due reverence.

Opening of virtual museum on Islamic art

CAIRO, Egypt: The first virtual museum of Islamic art "opened" officially providing a window on some of the traces of Islamic culture that are scattered across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

‘Reconciliation in Iraq’ summit urges US troops withdrawal

BOGOR, Indonesia: At a conference aimed at encouraging reconciliation in Iraq, Muslim clerics from around the world called for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

Moled-os Sadeqayn (AS) celebrations continue across globe

BERLIN, Germany: Moled-os Sadeqayn, or the birth anniversary of two truthful – holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him and his holy progeny) and his grandson Al-Imam Ja’fer AS-Sadeq (peace be on him) – is being observed across the globe with due enthusiasm and veneration.

Feast of Zahra (A), Imam-e-Zamana (A) coronation celebrated

PARIS, France: Auspicious occasions of Eid Az-Zahraa (AS) and coronation of the last imam from the holy progeny of holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW), Al-Imam Al-Mehdi Al-Hojjah (AS), were celebrated across the globe on Rabi Al-Awwal 9.

Politics behind rift between West-Muslim world, says UN

ISTANBUL, Turkey: The United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan said politics, and not religion, is at the heart of the growing rift between the West and the Muslim world and any broad solution to the problem must include an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Worldwide spiritual gatherings of Laylatol Qadr held

BERLIN, Germany: Glorious and spiritual ceremonies of the Laylatul Qadr, or the Night of Glory and honor, were held on 23rd night of the holy month of Ramadan at holy shrines of Ahlul Bayt (AS), takayaa, mosques, hussainiyaat, Imambargahs and Islamic centers across the world with due holiness and devotion.

Quranic verse-embedded tuna clicks Kenyans

MOMBASA, Kenya: Kenyan Muslims are flocking here by the hundreds to see a tuna fish caught in the Indian Ocean this week with a Quranic verse apparently embedded in its scales.

Occupying Islamic territories ‘a threat’ to Muslims: OIC envoy

ISFAHAN, Iran: Representative of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to the Confab of police chiefs of Islamic nations Kamal Seifullah al-Momeni said occupying Islamic territories constitutes a blatant threat to the entire Muslim nations.

Maulidon Nabi (p)” celebrations across globe

CAIRO, Egypt: The Muslim world began celebrating the "birth anniversary" of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his pure progeny) or "Maulidon Nabi" on 12 Rabiol Avval - 3rd month in the Hijrah calendar.

Thai ancient Muslim sites falling into poor condition

AYUTTHAYA, Thailand: The Thai government has been called on by a Muslim cultural expert to pay more attention to historic sites of ancient Muslim communities in Ayutthaya that are falling into disrepair.

Feast of sacrifice celebrated with calls for peace

JAKARTA, Indonesia: Eid-ol Adha, or the Islamic feast of sacrifice, was celebrated on Tuesday in some global parts while on Wednesday in some other with calls for peace around the world.

El Salvador Shia’hs express solidarity with Chilean Muslims

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador: Shia’h Muslims of El Salvador from «Islamic Library Fatimah Az-Zahra» to declare one’s solidarity with Muslim community of Chile and declare its more deep sincerity with brother in Islam, Mahdi Arismendi Poblete.

South Australian Muslims 'live in fear' of attack

SYDNEY, Australia: Muslims living in is South Australia say they live in fear of constant vilification and attack for their religion.

Global preparations to celebrate Imam Reza (a.s.) birth anniversary

KHORASAN, Iran: Marking the birth anniversary of Hazret-e-Imam Ali bin Mousa Ar-Reza (a.s.), eighth infallible descendant of holy Prophet Hazret-e-Muhammad Mustafa (s.w.), arrangements to celebrate the auspicious occasion are being finalized in various countries.

Muslim leaders urge to promote tolerance, EU backs OIC outcome

BIRMINGHAM/ HOLY MAKKA: European Union Presidency, Britain strongly supported the call by the Muslim leaders, at the OIC third extraordinary summit hosted by Saudi Arabia in the holy city of Makkah, for a forward-looking vision for the Muslim world.

OIC discusses derogatory caricatures of Prophet (P) in Danish paper

COPENHAGEN, Denmark: OIC conference scheduled on 7-8 December in the holy city of Makkah will discuss issue of publishing 12 caricatures of the Chief of Prophets Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his pure progeny) in a Danish newspaper, an Egyptian official in Copenhagen told.

Inna Anzalnahu Fi Laylatil Qadr … spiritual ceremonies held

PARIS, France: Night of Qadr is best of all nights in merit, for Allah says in holy Quran: “We revealed it (Quran) on the Night of Qadr. Would that you knew what the Night of Qadr is! Better is the Night of Qadr than a thousand months. On that night the angels and the Spirit by their Lord’s leave come down with all His decrees. (That Night is) peace, till the break of dawn.”

Ya Hussain (p): Tears, Majalis mark Muharram crescent

BRUSSELS, Belgium: With the emergence of crescent of Muharram-ul-Haram, mourners of holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S)’s grandson Hazrat Imam Hussain bin Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib (S) across the globe wore black mourning dresses, spread mourning carpets in Imambargahs, Imambaras, Ashour-Khanas, Aza-Khanas, Hussainiyaat and Islamic centers, and decorated relics paying rich homage to the great matchless sacrifices of Hazrat Imam Hussain (S) and his 72 companions presented in Karbala.


Hajj pilgrims leaving for Prophet (p) Shrine, Al-Baqee visit

HOLY CITY OF MAKKAH, Saudi Arabia: The Jeddah international airport of Saudi Arabia sees everyday the departure of around 60,000 hajj pilgrims for their home countries, while at least 90,000 pilgrims are known to have left for a visit to the holy city of Medina, also known as the ‘City of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him & his pure progeny)’.


Ruins of prosperous Islamic city discovered in Kerman

TEHRAN, Iran: The director of the archaeological team working on the Halil-Rud riverbank announced that archaeologists recently discovered the ruins of a once prosperous Islamic city near the town of Anbarabad in southern Kerman Province of Iran.


British MPs condemn report on Islamic schools

LONDON, Britain: British Parliamentarians have censured a report by chairman of the Schools Supervisory Committee David Bell in which he claimed that Islamic schools do not teach their students tolerance and coexistence with other cultures.


Iranians perform Arafah Day rites

TEHRAN, Iran: Thousands of Iranians observed on 9th Zolhej the rites of “Doa-i-Yaum-i-Arafah,” or the Arafah Day supplication, with due fervor.


Labbayk Allahumma… two million Muslims assemble at Mt. Arafat

MOUNT ARAFAT, Saudi Arabia: Some two million pilgrims from around the world on Wednesday crammed Mount Arafat near the holy city of Mecca at the climax of the annual hajj.


Feast of Al-Ghadir celebrations in holy Najaf

HOLY NAJAF, Iraq: Eid Al-Ghadir, or the Feast of Al-Ghadir, named after the place where holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his pure progeny) declared his cousin and son-in-law Al- Imam Ali (peace be upon him) his successor on the orders of Allah by raising his hand in front of more than 120,000 hajj pilgrims, was celebrated on Saturday 18 Zol-hijja across Iraq with deep enthusiasm.


US-led forces damaged ancient Babylon: British Report

LONDON, Britain: A damning report by the British Museum revealed on Saturday that US-led forces in Iraq have caused irreparable damage to the site of the ancient city of Babylon, contaminating the soil and artifacts dating back thousands of years, and destroying precious archaeological evidence.


Fury over watchdog alert on Muslim schools growth

LONDON, Britain: British Muslim bodies reacted angrily after the Scots-born Chief Inspector of Schools in England said the growth of Muslim faith schools must not be allowed to undermine the coherence of British society.


Muslims warn tsunami aid groups not to proselytize

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia: Indonesian clerics on Friday warned of a widespread Muslim reaction if international aid groups involved in relief efforts in tsunami-hit Aceh province begin proselytizing and adopting children orphaned from the December 26 disaster.


Tsunami: ‘Yadullah’ saved Indonesia’s mosques

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia: Indonesia's mosques defied colossal forces of worst tsunami under ‘God's invisible hand’.


Ceremonial washing of Ka'aba held ahead of Hajj

HOLY MAKKAH, Saudi Arabia: The venerated Ka'aba was ceremonially washed on Monday morning with the Governor of Holy Makkah Region, ambassadors from Islamic countries, a number of high-ranking Saudi officials and others took part in the ceremony.


Biennial Islamic world fair attracts masses

TEHRAN, Iran: First Islamic World Poster Biennial exhibition being held in the Iranian capital city of Tehran is drawing large number of visitors from all walks of life.


First UN Islamophobia seminar flays violence in name of Islam

UNITED NATIONS: United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Tuesday opened the first UN seminar on confronting Islamophobia with a plea not to judge Muslims by the acts of extremists who deliberately target and kill civilians.


Danish Muslims protest film broadcast

COPENHAGEN, Denmark: Muslims in Denmark have filed complaints against Denmark's two state-run TV stations for having repeatedly shown excerpts of Theo van Gogh's film “Submission” after his slaying last month.


Switzerland: Muslims effort to make their voice heard

ZURICH, Switzerland: Muslims in Switzerland have formed a new organization in Zurich to make their voice heard.


Quran studies to be introduced in Denmark state schools

COPENHAGEN, Denmark: The Danish Government has declared to introduce the teaching of some aspects of the Holy Quran in its secondary schools, beginning from the next academic year of 2005.


Baqee Demolition Day programs demand shrines reconstruction, regret media silence

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Youm-e-Inhidam-e-Jannatul Baqee, or the Day of Demolition of Cemetery of Baqee, was observed throughout Pakistan like other global parts in line with the announcement made by chief of the Tehreek Nafaz Fiqh-e-Jafariya Syed Hamid Moosavi on Shawwal 8 with due religious spirit, fervor and devotion. Marking the occasion, protest mourning processions were held in all big cities and towns.


Electric train for Prophet (p)'s Shrine visitors in Holy Medina

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia: Within few minutes, the visitors of the holy Shrine of Prophet Muhammad bin Abdellah (p) in the holy city of Medina, Saudi Arabia, would be able to move easily to the shrine and among the regions of the holy sanctuary, Qobaa and Shohadaa.


Tens of thousands of pilgrims impeded to visit Karbala, martyred

BAGHDAD, Iraq: Iraqi government reports show that hundreds of pilgrims to the holy sites of the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala were martyred during past few months while crossing Al-Latifiyah city, Karbala news reported Tuesday.


Exhibition of rare photos of Holy Mecca held in Holland

LIEDEN, Holland: An exhibition of rare photos of the holy city of Mecca was held by the famous Lieden University here to mark the holy month of Ramadan.


First floating mosque Malaysia’s newest landmark

KUAALA LAMPUR, Malaysia: Malaysia’s first mosque at sea at Penang’s popular Tanjung Bungah is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.


Germany struggles to better integrate Muslims after fears

BERLIN, Germany: German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has called on Muslims to better integrate themselves in German society saying Muslims “must clearly and without misunderstanding demonstrate that they accept our legal order and democratic rules”.


Prophet Mohammed (p) movie screened in US, Canada on Eid

WASHINGTON: The first animated movie of Prophet Mohammed (p) will finally be screened in North America after being delayed by the September 11 tragedy, which sparked off unprecedented anti-Muslim sentiment, its distributor said.


Italian Muslims demand legal recognition for Islam

ROME, Italy: The government of Italy has been asked by the country’s Muslims to give legal recognition to Islam as one of the religions in the country and to the Muslims as a minority community as is done with other religious denominations, urging to accelerate matters in this regard.


Islam in Sicily exhibition culminates in UAE

ABU DHABI, UAE: An exhibition titled “Islam in Sicily”, hosted by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was concluded here on Tuesday November 9.


'Save China's oldest hand-written copy of Quran'

BEIJING, China: Chinese experts on Islamic studies and ancient book protection have called for immediate measures to prevent the country's oldest hand-written copy of the holy Quran from further damage.


Believers observe worldwide mourning and layali Al-Qadr

MUNICH, Germany: A’maal of the first of three layali Al-Qadr, or the Nights of Glory, (Ramazan 19, 21, 23) were held on 19 Ramazan night in all parts of the world with spirituality and devotion, while huge mourning programs marking the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali ibn-e-Abi Talib (as) are being in continuation.


Tahaddamat Wallahi… Imam Ali (p) martyrdom programs begin

ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands: In connection with the martyrdom anniversary of Amir-ul-Mo’mineen (Master of the Believers), Naser-e-Rasul (Helper of the holy Prophet, peace be upon him and his pure progeny), Abul A’immah (Father of the infallible imams from the progeny of holy Prophet, peace be upon them), Al-Imam Ali ibn-e-Abi Talib (peace be upon him), big mourning programs kicked off across the globe.


Ramadan atmosphere and displays in Holy Karbala

HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: The holy month of Ramadan possesses special sacredness and distinguished rituals and the people’s life style in this month changes totally, while the atmosphere of the fasting month becomes more spiritual in the religious cities.


Number of Russians adopting Islam swelling

MOSCOW, Russia: The number of people adopting Islam – religion of love and peace which abhors every kind of biases and terrorism - in Russia is increasing from day to day, reports said.


Biggest scientific edifice ‘Imam Sadeq (p) Varsity’ planned

HOLY KAZEMIYAH, Iraq: Head of Shiite endowment council Sayyed Hussein Ash-Shami said the endowment after the fall of tyrant Saddam regime stood for its administrative and financial reorganization, pointing that the endowment was the victim of successive regimes and subject to an intended premeditation of seizure of its savings and treasures.


Holy Karbala hosts annual Quran contest

HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: Marking the reception of holy month of Ramadan, the 22nd holy Quran competition concluded in the holy city of Karbala, home to the holy shrines of Al-Imam Al-Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib (p) and Hazrat Al-Abbas bin Ali bin Abi Talib (p).


World leaders say Islam abhors terror, in Ramadan speeches

JACKSONVILLE, United States: AS the holy month of Ramadan began in some parts of the world on Thursday, in some other on Friday while in others on Saturday depending on crescent sighting, world leaders issued messages marking the occasion to greet Muslims.


South Africa conference slams violence in name of Islam

CAPE TOWN, South Africa: Muslim leaders from different countries at the close of a three-day conference, which circled around the war on terrorism and its implications for Muslims, here condemned violence being carried out in the name of Islam in Iraq besides criticizing the military occupation.


Teaching of Islam in British schools supported

LONDON, Britain: A new drive to teach British schoolchildren about the true meaning of Islam is set to be launched.


Fasting month of Ramadan starts with prayers

MOSCOW, Russia: Thursday October 14 marked the first day of the fasting period of Ramadan in some countries while the Arabian Peninsula, some European and Asian countries start the holy month on Friday.


China leans brutally on Muslim Uighur

KASHGAR, China: Chinese government under the guise of a “war on terrorism” has launched such an implacable campaign of repression on its Muslim Uighur minority that it's stopped cold nearly all violent attacks.


Int’l confab on Imam Mehdi (p) Justice & Globalization held

LONDON, Britain: Marking the auspicious occasion of Birth Anniversary of Savior of Humanity Hazrat Imam Mehdi (may Allah hasten his reappearance), the last successor of holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be on him & his pure progeny), an international conference was held in London.


Zaynab Al-Kobra (a.s.) Association marks Imam Al-Mehdi (p) b-day

HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: Marking the auspicious occasion of birth anniversary of Savior of Humanity and Last Proof of Allah on Earth Al-Imam Al-Mehdi (atf), Zaynab Al-Kobra (a.s.) Women Association organized a festive gathering in the holy city of Karbala, Iraq.


Kaabah Washing: Shia partakes first time in Aal-e-Saud era

HOLY CITY OF MECCA, Saudi Arabia: Presence of a Shia scholar in Holy Kaabah Washing ceremony in the holy city of Mecca sparked anger in radicals, Saudi Arabia’s rasid news reported.


Federation of Muslim countries Parliaments meets in Beirut

BEIRUT, Lebanon: The Federation of Parliaments of Muslim countries is scheduled to hold its Executive Council meeting in the Lebanese capital city of Beirut in the current month of October.


15 Shaban A’maal, festivals in Karbala

HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: Atmosphere in the holy city of Karbala is filled with further spirituality, bliss and happiness as festivals and a’maal marking fifteenth Shaban (night between 14-15 Shaban) began at the holy Shrine of Al-Imam Al-Hussein b Ali bin Abi Talib (pbuh) on Wednesday.


Worldwide preparations marking 15 Shaban on climax

ROME, Italy: As 15th of the holy month of Shaban draws near, preparations to celebrate the auspicious occasion have touched their heights across the world.


Switzerland hosts annual Muslim conference

ZURICH, Switzerland: Switzerland's Muslim League held its annul conference in the Zurich canton attended by as many as one thousand people.


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