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Lebanon News

Arba’een: Hezbollah blames regional states for fueling unrest in Syria

BEIRUT, Lebanon: On the occasion of Arba’een of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (AS) that is observed on 20 of Safar – the second month of lunar calendar -, Hezbollah's Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, has once again blamed Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey for fanning the fire which has been ravaging Syria for almost two years now.

Nasrallah condemns Israeli attack on gaza in Muharram Speech

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has urged the Arab nations to use the oil as a weapon to force the US to put pressure on Israel. Nasrallah was delivering his speech on the occasion of the first day of Muharram.

Hezbollah’s status in Lebanon declining

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Editors of two Lebanese dailies have addressed the issue of Hezbollah’s declining status in political and public standing in Lebanon.

Husseini shrine flag gifted to Khaulah bintul Hussein tomb in Lebanon

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Officials of Husseini Shrine in Karbala, last month, fluttered the flag of holy shrine of Al-Imam al-Hussein (AS) on the holy dome of the shrine of Sayedah Khaulah bint Al-Imam Al-Hussein in Baalbek northern Lebanon.

Lebanon grand Sunni clerics demand Saudi occupation forces withdrawal from Bahrain

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanon’s scholarly figures while strongly condemning government oppression against the people have said that Saudi role in Bahrain serves American politics.

Mussa Sadr seen two months back in Libya

GENEVA, Switzerland: Ebaa News reported that African sources residing in Geneva have asserted Ayatollah Sayed Mussa As-Sadr was seen in Libya two months ago.

Hezbollah commends Al-Azhar Sheikh on Shiite-Sunni unity standpoint

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanese Hezbollah headed by Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah on Thursday has hailed Sheikh Al Azhar fair stance on the two branches of Islam i.e. Shiites and Sunni brethren.

Poetic gathering in Beirut to tribute Al-Imam Ali

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Celebrating the birth anniversary of Al-Imam Ali Ibne Abi Talib (AS), festivals, feasts and poetic gatherings were organized in Lebanon.

Lebanese Jaafarite Mufti says no return to political dominance of one sect

BEIRUT: Jaafarite Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Kabalan said Lebanon will not return to the Maronite political doctrine or allow a Sunni or a Shiite ideology to dominate the country’s political system.

Lebanese Supreme Shiite Council urges Bahraini govt to stop prejudice

BEIRUT, Lebanon: The deputy head of the Supreme Shiite Council Sheikh Abdel-Amir Qabalan has urged Bahraini leaders on Wednesday to stop injustice toward their people and release the country’s political prisoners.

Lebanese Supreme Islamic Council flays Bahrain brutality as violation of intl law

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Vice-President of Supreme Islamic Shiite Council Sheikh Abdel Amir Qablan has condemned aggression against innocent Bahraini citizens in their homes where their blood is shed and women, children and old are made afraid.

‘Gaddafi confessed missing Moussa Sadr's presence in Libya’: Exclusive footage

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Affiliated with Hezbollah, the Lebanese satellite television station, al-Manar, says it has footage of Libya's president Muammar Gaddafi in which the embattled ruler has confessed to the missing Shia cleric, Imam Moussa as-Sadr’s presence in the crisis-hit North African state.

Hezbollah advises new govt to tackle US plots

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Sheikh Nabil Qaouk, deputy chief of Hezbollah Executive Council, confirmed that the new government will perform its work with a spirit that would help all the Lebanese sides, in order to participate in forming a government of national partnership.

Hezbollah seeks national unity government

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanese Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah says his group and its allies want to form a national unity government for Lebanon, rather than seeking to govern alone.

Lebanese paying homage to Al-Imam Abi Abdellah Al-Hossein (A)

SIDON, Lebanon: Tens of thousands of Lebanese mourners continue to attend grand Hosseini majales, began on the eve of Moharram 1 across the country like other countries, paying homage to Al-Imam Abi Abdellah Al-Hossein (peace be on him) and presenting condolence to holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him and his holy progeny) and Al-Imam Al-Asr (peace be on him) on the sad occasion.

Hezbollah second-in-command leader warns all options possible

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Deputy leader of Hezbollah Sheikh Naeem Qassem has said Lebanon has started a race against the clock for a settlement to be reached before the release of an indictment into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Inauguration of site of Prophet Tamim (p) in Lebanon

DAWAYR, Lebanon: Opening ceremony of site of Prophet Tamim (peace be upon him) in Ad-Dawayr town, south of Lebanon, was held after its renovation completed. The rites were held under auspices of vice-president Supreme Shiite Islamic Council Sheikh Abdel-Amir Qabalan at Hosseini club.

Libya must disclose info on missing Ayatollah, Rights watchdog urges

BEIRUT, Lebanon: A human rights watchdog group said on Friday that Libya should disclose information on the whereabouts of a renowned Lebanese cleric Ayatollah Mussa As-Sadr and other missing individuals.

Lebanese, Bahrainis celebrate Sha’ban 15

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Sha’ban 15 marking the birthday of Al-Imam Al-Mehdi Al-Hojjah (a.s.), the Last Proof of Allah on earth, the saviour of humanity, the awaited imam, was revently celebrated in Lebanon and Bahrain.

Beirut hosts ‘Al-Imam Ali b. Abi Talib voice of human justice’

BEIRUT, Lebanon: The tenth international festival titled ‘Al-Imam Ali b. Abi Talib voice of human justice’ was organized in Beirut, the capital of culture and literature, city of peace and love to celebrate Rajab 13, the birth anniversary of Amir-ul Mominin Al-Imam Ali Al-Murtadha (a.s.).

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah refuses to confirm Scud loudening

BEIRUT, LEBANON: Hasan Nasrallah, the chief of Lebanese Hezbollah movement said on Saturday it had a "legal" right to own any weapon it wishes, but would not confirm or deny Israeli allegations it was stockpiling Scud missiles.

Lebanon to snub Arab summit because of Mussa Sadr unknown fate

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Due to a row over the disappearance of prominent Shia cleric Ayatullah Mussa al-Sadr in Libya in 1978, President of Lebanon Michel Sleiman will not attend an Arab League summit in Tripoli.

Lebanon: Shia tribes seek highly regarded image

HERMEL, Lebanon: It started with a small traffic incident and ended in yet another murderous showdown in the age-old vendetta wars between the powerful Shiite Muslim clans who rule Lebanon's eastern Bekaa Valley, an AFP report said.

Lebanese Shiites to take legal action on illegal deportations from UAE

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Hundreds of Lebanese Shiite Muslims expelled from the United Arab Emirates in recent months stepped up a campaign, accusing the Gulf state of illegal deportation for political reasons.

Lebanese Shi'ites forced to depart UAE

UAE: Palestinian and Lebanese officials said that a number of Palestinians and Lebanese Shi'ites have been forced to leave the United Arab Emirates in recent months.

UN, AL urged: Press Libya to reveal Musa Sadr's fate

BEIRUT, Lebanon: The 31st anniversary of the disappearance of Imam Musa Sadr, who was the founder and leader of the Amal movement in Lebanon, and who disappeared on a trip to Libya in 1978, was observed reverently on August 31.

Nasrallah’s Hezbollah thrusts Lebanon Shiites onto leading edge

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Much of Lebanon's Shiite community praises Hezbollah for bringing them out of the shadows and into the political limelight.

Lebanese leader says resistance, army to work 'hand in hand'

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Higher Shiite Council’s Vice-president Sheikh Abdel-Amir Qabalan said that as long as the Palestinian cause was not resolved, the Resistance and the Lebanese army "will work hand in hand."

LOG acknowledges getting foreign aid to compete Hezbollah

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanese politician Ahmad al-Assaad freely acknowledged receiving foreign backing for his campaign to build a Lebanese Shi'ite alternative to Hezbollah movement headed by Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah.

"Only resistance" protects Lebanon, says Hezbollah

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanon’s Hezbollah headed by Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah has stressed on Tuesday that only the resistance (referring to Hezbollah) can protect the country.

‘Lebanon needs Hezbollah since Israel is aggressive’

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanese Hezbollah's head of international relations Nawaf Moussawi said that Lebanon is in need of the Shiite community because Israel is still aggressive,

Saudi-backed Shiite group surfaces in Lebanon to vie Hezbollah

BEIRUT, Lebanon: A new Saudi-backed Shiite resistance group is emerging in Lebanon, and its leader promises to provide competition to the Iranian-backed Hezbollah in their mutual goal of fighting Israel.

Hezbollah chief warns all 'possibilities open' against Israel

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Hassan Nasrallah, chief of Lebanon's Hezbollah, said on Wednesday "all possibilities" are open against Israel warning that the Jewish state's 2006 war with his party would resemble "a walk in the park" in the event of renewed conflict.

‘Hezbollah training day and night to repulse any Israeli attack’

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah renewed his pledge to fight Israel if it attacks Lebanon again saying his fighters have been training day and night to repulse any Israeli attack.

Hezbollah resists Israel's building of museum on Muslim holy site

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Israeli plan to build the "Museum of Tolerance" over the site of a Muslim cemetery in Held Jerusalem has been strongly denounced by Lebanese Hezbollah headed by Hasan Nasrallah, according to Lebanon’s Daily Star report in its Monday editions.

Support for Hezbollah reaffirmed by Iran religious leader

TEHRAN, Iran: Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi praised Hezbollah for thwarting plots of the Zionists and its supporter the United States of America.

Sunnis, Shiites in Lebanon sign reconciliation accord

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Sunni and Shiite in northern Lebanon signed a reconciliation accord to restore state control to the northern port city of Tripoli, Lebanese media reported Tuesday.

Gaddafi indicted over missing cleric As-Sadr

BEIRUT, Lebanon: An arrest warrant for the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi have been issued by a Lebanese court over the disappearance of a senior cleric Ayatullah Mussa As-Sadr and his two companions while in Libya 30 years ago.

Hezbollah reiterates to discuss resistance role

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Deputy Secretary-General of Lebanese Hezbollah reiterated his party's sincerity to "discuss the role of the resistance and nature of relationship between state and the armed organizations with a specific aim safeguarding Lebanon's sovereignty and freedom, and ending the occupation of territory."

Israeli govt weighs Hezbollah prisoner swap

HELD JERUSALEM: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert urged his cabinet to approve a prisoner swap with Hezbollah even though Israel now knew that two soldiers captured by the Lebanon's militia in 2006 were dead.

Lebanese government must take responsibility on Shias

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Shia population of Lebanon has been neglected in one way or another by governments, lawmakers and the rest of the population for at least the past 75 years.

Hezbollah demands cabinet formation forthwith

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanese Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naeem Qassem has called for immediate creation of Lebanon's cabinet.

Hezbollah, Amal push Arabs to back Lebanon crisis initiative

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Amal movements called on Arab states to support the initiative of Lebanese Majlis Speaker, Nabih Berri, regarding Lebanon crisis adopting positive approach towards it and avoiding making any obstacle to its implementation.

Lebanon … Hezbollah lifts street blockades

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanese Hezbollah started removing street blockades on Thursday a day after the reversal of two Lebanon Cabinet decisions made during the country’s worst violence after the 1975-90 civil war.

Hezbollah speaks of possible Israeli attack along Lebanon-Syria borders

BEIRUT, Lebanon: A Hezbollah official has spoken about possible Israeli infiltration towards the Lebanese-Syrian borders, local Elnashra news website reported.

Nasrallah snubs Saudi criticism over Lebanon crisis

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Hezbollah has rejected criticism by Saudi Arabia's foreign minister who has blamed the opposition for obstructing a solution to Lebanon's long-running political crisis.

Lebanon: Court summons Kadhafi over missing imam

BEIRUT, Lebanon: A Lebanese court has given Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi two months to appear for questioning over the disappearance of Lebanese leader Ayatullah Imam Mussa As-Sadr 30 years ago or face a possible arrest warrant.

Imam Moussa As-Sadr live, jailed in South Libya: Libyan opponent

OSLO, Norway: An opponent the rule of Libyan President Moammar Al-Qadhafi said while talking to Al-Arabiya.net that abducted Ayaytullah Al-Imam Moussa As-Sadr, renowned Lebanese leader and head of Amal Movement, is still live and is imprisoned in a jail in South Libya.

Lebanon religious leaders discuss deteriorating security situation

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Top Muslim religious leaders in Lebanon held a rare meeting on Thursday Feb. 21, 2008 to discuss the worsening security situation in the country.

Hezbollah threatens Israel

BEIRUT, Lebanon: The chief of Hezbollah Hasan Nasrallah said his group would retaliate against Israeli targets anywhere in the world after accusing the Zionist state of killing commander Imad Mughniyeh.

Nasrallah says no link between al-Qaeda, Hezbollah

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Hezbollah chief Hasan Nasrallah has hit out against recent statements allegedly by al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden criticizing the Lebanese movement for allowing "crusader" troops from the UN into Lebanon after the 34-day conflict with Israel in 2006.

Al-Qaeda plans to kill Nasrallah, attack UN troops in Lebanon

BEIRUT, Lebanon: An al-Qaeda cell in Lebanon is reported to have planned to kill the leader of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, and carry out a violent attack on the United Nations Interim Force (UNIFIL).

Hezbollah says Lebanon needs approved-by-all president

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanese Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naeem Qasim said Lebanon needs a president approved by everyone.

Hezbollah warns against US bases in Lebanon

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanese Hezbollah headed by Hasan Nasrallah has warned on Monday against the alleged creation of US military bases in Lebanon saying the foreign troops would be treated as "occupation forces."

Nasrallah says no power can disarm Hezbollah

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Head of Lebanese Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah said no power could disarm the movement and that it was ready for a new possible attack by the Zionist regime after last year's war.

Hezbollah blasts US plan for disintegration of Iraq

BEIRUT, Lebanon: The Lebanese Islamic Resistance Movement, Hezbollah condemned the new US plan for disintegration of Iraq and warned against its consequences.

Commemoration of Ayat Musa As-Sadr disappearance

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Nabih Berri, Amal party leader and Lebanese parliament speaker, pointed out a climb down by the opposition on its demand for a national unity government ahead of the forthcoming presidential elections.

HRW accuses Israel on Lebanon, govt rejects

HELD JERUSALEM: Human Rights Watch in its harshest condemnation of Israel since last summer's war with Hezbollah has charged that most of the Lebanese civilian casualties came from "indiscriminate Israeli airstrikes".

"Spider's Web" … Hezbollah showcases war with Israel

BEIRUT, Lebanon: The Lebanese Hezbollah, one year after its devastating war with Israel, is celebrating its "divine victory" over the Zionist state with an elaborate exhibition complete with sound and light show.

Hezbollah proud of being an ally of Iran

KUWAIT CITY: Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qasem said on Sunday his party is proud of being an ally of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

New Shia party created in Lebanon… Use of fear tactics by Hizbullah silenced Shias

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Ahmad al-Assad, the founder of a new political party, with the stated aim of giving Shia voters a third option, apart from Hizbullah and the Amal Movement, believes that as much as 50 percent of the Shia vote in Lebanon is up for grabs.

Tehran follows up abducted Ayat Mousa As-Sadr fate

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Iran’s Majlis Judiciary Commission head Mohammad Taqi Mohassel Hamedani said his country seriously follows up the fate of the abducted Ayatullah Mousa As-Sadr and four Iranian diplomats in Lebanon.

Nasrallah tells again Israel of Hezbollah power

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: Hassan Nasrallah, chief of Lebanese Hezbollah boasted that the movement has the military capacity to strike any area of Israel.

Lebanon: Postwar rebuilding still incomplete

BINT JBEIL, Lebanon: A year after war erupted in Lebanon between Israel and Hezbollah, most of the old town of Bint Jbeil still lies in dusty ruins.

Israel, Us with certain Arab officials try to kill Nasrollah: Reports

QATAR: Qatari newspaper Al-Watan reported in its Sunday editions and Israeli daily Yedioth Aharonot's website said quoting Syrian weekly Al-Medar on Monday that America and the Zionist regime's plot to assassinate the Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah was neutralized.

Lebanon Higher Shia Council hails Arab mediation

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanese Higher Shiite Council welcomed Arab efforts to resolve the internal Lebanon crisis and repeated its call for the formation of a national unity government.

Lebanon: Hezbollah backs army in standoff

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement headed by Hasan Nasrallh has so far backed Lebanese army in its confrontation with Fatah Islam group despite the fact that Hezbollah has been pushing to topple the government.

Lebanese angry at slow recovery

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanese people are angry at the government which received hundreds of millions of dollars to repair the damage done in last year’s Hezbollah-Israel war and yet the recovery procedure is very slow.

Hezbollah completes ground work to defend Lebanon

BEIRUT, Lebanon: The Lebanese Hezbollah has rebuilt its defenses to face any new invasion from the Zionist regime.

Fadhlullah is ‘Dhaal’, any co-op with him illegal: Ayat Tabrezi office

HOLY CITY OF QOM, Iran: Lebanon’s Muhammad Hossein Fadhlullah is ‘Dhaal Modhil’ and any help to or cooperation with him in publishing his writings is not legal with respect to Islam.

Nasrallah 'respects' Israel on war report

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanese Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said Wednesday he respects Israel for issuing a damning report on last year's war against his movement in Lebanon.

Hezbollah says Lebanese would not accept usurper

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanese Hezbollah deputy Secretary-General Na'eem Qasim has warned Monday that anyone appointed as president illegally will be treated as a usurper of power.

Hosain Fadlullah, Sajed Naqawi hold talks

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Allamah Sajed Naqawi, an office-bearer of Pakistan’s MMA which is an alliance of extremist parties, held a meeting with Lebanon’s Allamah Muhammad Hosain Fadlullah, Rasa News reported.

Hezbollah says US waging covert war in Lebanon

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Deputy Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah Sheikh Naim Qassim said the US government is waging a covert war in Lebanon that could plunge the country back into civil war by arming militias.

Hezbollah wouldn’t be dragged into civil war, says Nasrallah

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Hezbollah Chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said on Sunday his group has given up hope of reaching a compromise deal with Lebanon's Western-backed majority coalition to end the country's political crisis.

Lebanon: Ulema urged to further boost unity

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Vice-President of Supreme Shia Islamic Council Sheikh Abdel-Ameer Qablan has said ulema (clerics/ religious scholars) are under obligation to further boost Islamic unity through cooperation and consultation among themselves which is paramount need and condition of stability of national harmony.

Lebanese mark Arbainiyato Al-Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.)

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Performing Tatbeer (causing blood to come out from heads by swords to signify their grief on Imam Hussein martyrdom), holding majalis al-aza, taking out mourning processions, and chanting elegies, Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese marked Arbainiyato Al-Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.).

Jabal Amel’s Al-Allamah Al-Amin reports receiving threats

JABAL AMEL, Lebanon: Al-Allamah Sayyed Ali Al-Amin, the senior religious scholar in Tyre and the Jabal Amel region, said he has been receiving threatening e-mails, in addition to a number of letters that he earlier forwarded to Lebanese judicial authorities.

Lebanon: Sunni, Shiite leaders emphasis on Muslim unity

TYRE, Lebanon: More than one hundred Sunni and Shiite religious leaders held meeting in Tyre on Tuesday aimed at promoting unity among Muslims during the "critical" situation in the region.

Lebanese Higher Shia Council urges national harmony

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanon’s Higher Shia Council headed by Sheikh Abdel-Amir Qabalan on Thursday banned the use of weapons or violence in reaction to political or sectarian differences.

Hezbollah chief: Lebanon govt stirring conflict between Shia, Sunni

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Hassan Nasrallah, president of Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement accused Lebanese government figures of stirring turmoil between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.

Qablan urges to follow Imam Hussein (A) for victory in Leb, Iraq, Palestine

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Vice-president of Supreme Islamic Shia Council of Lebanon Sheikh Abdul-Amir Qablan has urged all to follow seerah of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (AS), his teachings and stance to meet victory in Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine.

Higher Shiite Council: Conflict in Lebanon political not sectarian

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanon’s Higher Shiite Council said Wednesday the formation of a national unity government would be the "right introduction" to a lasting solution to the current political deadlock.

Saudi Arabia could mediate in Lebanon crisis: Hezbollah

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanon's Hezbollah headed by Hasan Nasrollah believes Saudi Arabia could mediate in the country's political crisis.

Israel eventually admits Hezbollah victory

TEL AVIV: Israel-Lebanon war’s most significant result is a change to the balance of fear in the Middle East, and this is why Israel has been resisting the fact that its army got defeated by Hezbollah in the war.

Higher Shiite Council warns Arab States against taking sides in Lebanon's crisis

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanon’s Higher Shiite Council said on Wednesday the present discord should remain political ... it shouldn't be turned into a sectarian dispute which foreign parties take advantage of with no regard for the Lebanese people's interests.

No Muslim minorities … “Wasaya Al-Imam Mehdi Shamsoddin”

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Second publication of “Wasaya Al-Imam Ash-Sheikh Muhammad Mehdi Shamsoddin” after its first publication from Lebanon’s Dar-on Nehaar in 2002. Sheikh Shamsoddin was one of grand Maraje in Lebanon and former chief of Lebanon’s Supreme Shia Council. He was appointed a member of Supreme Council for Research in Al-Azhar. He opposed principle of velayah al-faqih.

No easing in Lebanon political crisis as Hezbollah continues protest

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Political crisis of Lebanon showed no sign of easing on Sunday, with Hezbollah pressing its protest campaign to topple the Western-backed government.

Ayat Tabrizi spent life in defending Islamic beliefs, Lebanon’s Qablan

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Vice-President of Lebanon’s Supreme Shia Council Sheikh Abdelamir Qablan has said Grand Ayatullah Sheikh Jawad At-Tabrizi spent his life in serving Islam, spreading its teachings and defending Islamic beliefs.

Lebanese Shia Council says unity govt can defuse crisis, flays foreign prying

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanon’s Higher Shiite Council said Thursday that a national unity government "constitutes the right step to get out of the present political crisis."

Hezbollah threatens strikes, boycotts to get bigger role in govt

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Hezbollah headed by Hasan Nasrullah and an allied Christian political party led by General Michel Aoun are demanding a government reshuffle that would give them more positions -- and would in effect give Hezbollah veto power over any legislation.

Nasrullah willing to solve domestic divisions inside Lebanon

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanese Hezbollah movement led by Hassan Nasrullah said they were ready to participate in "consultative talks" called for by House Speaker Nabih Berri to try to solve domestic divisions inside the country.

Lebanon to rebalance military with equal number of Sunni-Shia-Christian

BEIRUT, Lebanon: The Lebanon government says officially that about 40-percent of the troops in the 50,000 strong national armed forces are Shia.

Nasrallah says US ´sowing strife´

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Chief of Lebanon's Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah has said the United States was trying "to sow strife among Muslims in more than one region of the Islamic world."

Arabs protest against Israel on 'Al-Qods Day'

BAGHDAD/ DAMASCUS/ SIDON: Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Iraqi cities of Baghdad, Basra and Najaf, Lebanese cities of Beirut and Sidon, Egyptian city of Cairo and Syrian cities of Damascus and Aleppo on the last Friday of the fasting month of Ramadan to condemn Israel and demand that Jerusalem (Al-Qods) be handed over to Palestinian control, marking the “Day of Al-Qods”.

UN envoy asks ICC to probe Israel on Lebanon bombing

GENEVA: A United Nations rights expert said the International Criminal Court (ICC) should investigate whether Israel is guilty of war crimes for a bombing campaign in Lebanon that blocked access to food and water.

Lebanese express relief over Israel's pullout

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Southern Lebanon’s people on Sunday have expressed relief and victory after Israeli troop pullout from an area which was largely devastated by its imposed 34-day war against Lebanon.

Lebanese rally to celebrate "historic victory" over Israel

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanon’s Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrullah told hundreds of thousands of his supporters Friday in Beirut's bombed-out suburbs that his group will never surrender their weapons.

Martyred Lebanese honored on Arba'in, victory rally called for

BEIRUT, Lebanon: In connection with Arba'in (forty days after martyrdom) of martyrs of recent Israeli aggression on Lebanon, a mourning ceremony was held at Majma'ol Imam Shamsoddin in Lebanon.

15th Shaaban celebrated in Lebanon

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanese organized festivals and celebrations to observe the 15th day of Shaaban, the birthday of Imam Al-Mahdi (p), Prophet Muhammad (p)’s 12th infallible successor.

Sadr case … Lebanon Judiciary promises 'major leap forward'

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanese judiciary has promised "a major leap forward" in investigations into the mystery of disappearance of Ayatullah Mousa As-Sadr.

Lebanon warned against Libyan aid in bribery on Musa Sadr case

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanon's Shiites are committed to Lebanon as their sole country under the Taif Accord and will defend it by all democratic means to move it from a phase of divided powers to a sovereign state.

Hezbollah chief says he did not want war

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanese Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah said that he would not have ordered the capture of two Israeli soldiers had he known that it would trigger such a war.

Israel’s MC admits failures in Lebanon fighting

HELD JERUSALEM: For the first time Israeli military chief admitted publicly there were failings in the army’s performance during its 34-day attack on Lebanon.

Israel pullout from Lebanon begins, Hezbollah declares victory

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Israel began slowly withdrawing its forces from southern Lebanon on Tuesday as Hizbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said on Monday his fighters had achieved a strategic and historic victory over Israel and that it was the wrong time to publicly discuss disarming the group.

US holds talks to end war as Israel continues aggression

TYRE, Lebanon: Israeli commandos attacked Lebanon's southern city of Tyre on Saturday as a top American official met Lebanese leaders on a possible deal to end the 25-day-old war.

Fadlullah salutes Hezbollah as the soldiers of Islamic nation

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanon's Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlullah hailed Hezbollah as "the soldiers of the Arab and Islamic nation" on their way to triumph over the U.S. and Israel.

Rights Group: Israel used cluster grenades on Lebanese civilians

NEW YORK, United States: Israel using artillery-fired cluster grenades against civilians during its assault against Hezbollah, A US-based human rights group said.

Israel warns full-scale invasion; world's silence questioned

BEIRUT, Lebanon: After warning it could launch a full-scale ground invasion despite mounting international calls for a ceasefire, Israel has waged deadly air and artillery strikes against Lebanon for the 10th day and called up more troops.

Israel continues bombardment, takes over villages

ON THE ISRAEL-LEBANON BORDER: Artillery and tank fire-backed Israeli forces seized control of a Lebanese border village on Saturday and recovered weapons from another town in Hezbollah territory, according to military officials.

Terrorist Israel pounds Lebanon, Saudi blames Hezbollah, protests held

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Israeli air strikes on Lebanon left scores of Lebanese martyred on Monday and Hizbollah announced more rocket attacks on Israel after major world powers put the onus on the Syrian- and Iranian-backed militia to end the fighting.

Lebanon's Allamah Al-Amin calls for banning internal fighting in Iraq

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Mufti of Sour and Jabal Amel (Southern Lebanon) Al-Allamah Sayyed Ali Al-Amin has urged all religious authorities to issue clear-cut fatawa (verdicts) which prohibit fighting and bloodshed among Iraqi brethren, and urge participation of all in national development.

Lebanese Shiia scholars call for unity with Sunnis

BEIRUT, LEBANON: As rumors of strife between Muslims escalate, Sunnis and Shiias in the country increased efforts to promote national unity and quell such reports.

Lebanon HC appoints judge to Moussa Sadr case

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanon's Higher Judicial Council decided Friday to appoint Military Investigating Magistrate Samih Al-Hajj to look into the disappearance of Ayatullah Moussa As-Sadr.

Lebanese hope Libya-US ties will shed light on Sadr mystery

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanese parliament speaker Nabih Berri has sent a letter to United States secretary of State Condoleezza Rice concerning the sensitive issue of disappearance of chief of Lebanon’s Supreme Shiia Islamic Council, Islamic thinker and philosopher Ayatullah Sayyed Mussa As-Sadr and his two companions.

Lebanon sees fierce protests over Hezbollah comedy

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Hundreds of Lebanese Hezbollah supporters enraged by a TV comedy that mocked the head of the movement took to the streets of southern Beirut burning car tires and blocking roads, including the highway to Lebanon's international airport.

Hezbollah hails armed resistance against Israel

BEIRUT, Lebanon: On the eve of the sixth anniversary of Israel's withdrawal from southern Lebanon, Hasan Nasrollah, head of the Lebanese Hezbollah, hailed his group's armed resistance against Israel.

Mubarak, Lebanon Shia Council head discuss Arab developments

CAIRO, Egypt: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Shia Council in Lebanon Sheikh Abd Al-Amir Qublan held talks in Egypt.

Lebanon Shia Council defends resistance, urges Egypt role on Musa Sadr fate

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanon’s Higher Shia Council has urged participants in the national dialogue to adopt a "defensive strategy" against "the Zionist enemy."

International Congress honors Imam Sharafeddine

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Marking the 50th memorial of Sharafeddine, an influential religious figure, International Congress of Imam Sharafeddine is scheduled to take place on May 17-19 in Lebanon.

Hezbollah: No way to restore honor but return to Prophet (s) path

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Chairman Hezbollah movement of Lebanon Hasan Nasrollah has said there is no way to restore honor and dignity of the Islamic nation except return to the path of holy Prophet (s.w.), and unity under his flag.

Lebanese Shiia Council urges ulema to fulfill responsibility

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Vice-President of Supreme Islamic Shiia Council in Lebanon Sheikh Abdel Amir Qablan has called for challenge to oppression and riot in all its kinds, urging ulema to fulfill their responsibility of standing against moral evils and sins.

Arbainiyyah Al-Imam Al-Hussain (A) in Beirut

BEIRUT, Lebanon: In connection with Arbainiyyah Al-Imam Al-Hussain (A), Lebanese Hezbollah militia organized a majlis al-azaa at Sayyed-osh Shohadaa hall in Beirut.


"Knowledge is better than wealth because it protects you while you have to guard wealth. it decreases if you keep on spending it but the more you make use of knowledge ,the more it increases . what you get through wealth disappears as soon as wealth disappears but what you achieve through knowledge will remain even after you."MORE ..



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