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US Shia Orgs oppose attack on civilians, holy sites in Syria

WASHINGTON: Some of the most influential Shia Muslim organizations in the United States have released a Joint Statement Regarding Syria, reflecting the views of these organizations and their membership. In doing so, these organizations have firmly released their opinion of opposition to violence against innocent Syrians, in opposition to attacks against the holy sites of the Syrian people, and in opposition to any military strikes against the country of Syria. The Joint Statement Regarding Syria is as follows:

Moroccan Shiites against military invasion in Syria

RABAT, Morocco: The Shia Union of Morocco, Risali Maghribiya, in a statement, has strongly opposed any foreign military intervention in Syria, underlining that it is the Syrian nation that should decide for the future of the country.

Top 5 Syrian sites Obama must not strike, Washington Times

WASHINGTON: On August 28 it was published in Washington Times that this week ForeignPolicy.com released a list of thirty five possible targets that President Obama may order a strike against as he continues on the steady build up to an attack on Syria; however there are several locations that, if attacked, could dramatically worsen the situation. Certain historically religious structures and temples, holy to the world’s Christians, Shiite and Sunni Muslims, and Jews, remain in critical danger of being damaged or destroyed in the event of an international attack. Many who are closely monitoring the situation in Syria are paying special attention to these special five locations:

Syria: Marajay host majalis al-Imam Al-Kadhim (AS)

SAYEDAH ZEINAB, Syria: Al-Imam Mousa al-Kadhim (AS) was martyred with poison on Rajab 25. His martyrdom anniversary was observed in Syria also like oher global parts.

Syria witnesses Sayyedah Zaynab mourners on Rajab 15

DAMASCUS, Syria: To commemorate the anniversary of martyrdom of Sayyedah Zaynab (SA), daughter of Al-Imam Ali (AS) and Fatimah Az-Zahraa (SA) and granddaughter of Prophet Muhammad (S), mourners from Syria and Iraq descended at her holy shrine in Sayyedah Zaynab Damascus.

Miracle of Prophet companion Hajar b Adi… urgent divine revenge from terrorists

DAMASCUS, Syria: Latest news from Damascus tell that the terrorists could not find the sacred body of Prophet Muhammad (S) dignified companion Hajar bin Adi (R) whose shrine was demolished and grave was dug last day, Buratha news reported.

New tragedy … terrorists disinter Hajar b. Adi, spoil his holy shrine

DAMASCUS, Syria: Terrorists on Thursday Jamady Al-aakherah 21, May 2, attacked and severely damaged the holy shrine of great illustrious companion of Prophet Muhammad (S) Hajar bin Adi (R) in a town of Syria.

Sayyedah Zeynab (s) shrine defense forces foil terror attempts

DAMASCUS, Syria: Forces made for defense and protection of holy shrine of Sayyedah Zeynab (peace be on her) thwarted an attempt to enter Sayyedah Zeynab (peace be on her) district by terrorist groups.

Sayedah Sakinah (s) dome badly damaged in attack

DAMASCUS, Syria: In a new attack on religious sanctities, the Syrian opposition militias targeted the holy shrine of Sayedah Sakinah, daughter of Amir ul Mo’minin Al-Imam Ali ibne Abi Talib (AS) with mortars which led to the occurrence of serious damage to the holy dome.

Syrian Mufti resolves to protect Sayyedah Zainab shrine

DAMASCUS, Syria: Mufti of Syria Sheikh Badr al-Din Hassoun has warned that if terrorism desires to defile the place of Zainab binte Ali (AS), it cannot enter the holy place but crossing his dead body.

Blast damages Sayyedah Zaynab (S) shrine

DAMASCUS, Syria: Syria's state-run news agency and witnesses said that a suicide bomber detonated his van packed with explosives in a Damascus suburb on Thursday, wounding 14 people and damaging one of holiest shrines, shrine of Sayyedah Zaynab (AS).

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