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Turkey Shiite News

Fatimiyah Mourning rituals held in Istanbul

ISTANBUL, Turkey: Marking Fatimiyah Mourning Days to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Sayydah Fatimah az-zahra (S), the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (S), majalis al-azaiyah were held in Turkey.

Turkey sees Zaynabi celebrations

ISTANBUL, Turkey: Devotees of Ahlil Beit AS) in Turkey celebrated Birth anniversary of Aqeelatol Hashmiyeen as-Siddiqah As-Soghraa Zaynab Al-Kobraa (AS).

Turkish Shiites stand firm against US attack on Syria, vow to defend Sayyedah Zaynab shrine

ISTANBUL, Turkey: Thousands of Turkish Shiites gathered in Halkali Square on this weekend chanting slogans against the US and Israel saying that they will not be a puppet for their plays.

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