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Iran involved in Ayat Al-Hakim's martyrdom, Khatami receives file

By: Hamoud Kufi

BAGHDAD, Iraq: Chairman Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) Sayyed Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim has delivered to the Iranian president Muhammad Khatami a file which accuses Iranian authorities of the martyrdom of his brother Ayatullah Sayyed Muhammad Baqer Al-Hakim with the car bombing in the holy city of Najaf, well-informed Iraqi sources confirmed.

The file about the martyrdom investigation results, which was delivered to Khatami during his meeting with Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim in Tehran in the beginning of present week, further disclosed that young scholar Moqtada As-Sadr executed in Iraq the plan of Islam Qodas, an institution subordinate to the special operations section of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

The car bombing on August 29 outside the holy shrine of Commander of Faithful Al-Imam Ali (as) after midday prayers left more than 125 along with SCIRI chairman Ayatullah Baqer Al-Hakim - son of the eminent Marje Grand Ayatullah Sayyed Mohsin Al-Hakim (late) who possessed a lofty status in the Shiite world – martyred.

And the sources recalled in this respect the hurrying of Iranian officials just after the martyrdom of Al-Hakim in accusing Israel of the responsibility about the crime the matter that explained it that it is an attempt to the exclusion of indictment fingers from them.

The institution Islam Qodas is the one which stands behind the political and religious activities that carry out Moqtada As-Sadr for the confusion of the Iraqi situation and creation of problems for the Americans with the target of pressurizing and forcing them for relieving their political pressure on the Iranian regime and the abandonment of its blockade internationally, the sources clarified.

The sources went on saying that Moqtada As-Sadr carried out last month a visit to Tehran, the second after the fall of Saddam regime in April. During the visit, he met with the Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatullah Ali Khamenei, who is considered from the biggest supporters of Moqtada As-Sadr inside the ruling religious regime in Iran. The Ayatullah assured him his support and encouragement for standing against the coalition forces and Iraq’s governing council. The sources quoted companions of As-Sadr saying that Ayatullah Khamenei said for him: “I see in you Hassan Nasrullah in Iraq!”

The sources added that As-Sadr, son of Ayatullah Sayyed Muhammad Baqer As-Sadr who was martyred in 1996, widened his move just after his return to Iraq from Iran; started with the attempt of earning the support of poor classes and specially in As-Sadr city that has a population of one-million person and the Al-Hawza Al-Ilmiyya students.

It pointed that he stood for distribution of financial amounts among them referring that it is a present from Khamenei … Also he undertook with creation of Al-Mahdi's army – most of its members are Iranians - number of its affiliates arrived to ten thousands person according to As-Sadr’s assistants … The matter which encouraged him for clash with the supporters of Ayatullah Ali As-Sistani in the holy city of Karbala for the control on the shrines of Imam Al-Husayn Bin Ali (as) and his brother Al-Abas (as) with the target of the seizure on the properties of the sacred shrines.

Later on Tuesday, Ayatullah As-Sistani's administration refused a request from As-Sadr for meeting with him.‎


Abdul Aziz meets Iran officials on Iraq developments

TEHRAN, Iran: Sayyid Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim, Chairman of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) who is a member of the US-appointed Iraqi Governing Council and brother of late Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Baqer Al-Hakim held talks with Iranian officials in Tehran on Monday.


6-million Iraqis stream into Karbala on Imam Mahdi (a)’s birthday

HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: Marking the birth anniversary of the Imam of Era, Imam Al-Mahdi (as), on the 15th day of Shaaban on Sunday, up to six-million devotees gathered in the holy city of Karbala which houses the holy shrines of Al-Imam Al-Hussain (as) and his brother Abul Fazlil Abbas (as).


Clashes in Karbala: Ayat Modarresi calls for extinction

HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: Followers of Muqtada As-Sadr on Sunday night clashed with those loyal to Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Al-Hussayni As-Seestani in the holy city of Karbala which houses the holy shrines of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (as) and his brother Abbas bin Ali (as).


40th day of Ayat Al-Hakim’s martyrdom marked in Iraq

HOLY CITY OF NAJAF, Iraq: The fortieth day of Ayatullah Sayyed Muhammad Baqer Al-Hakim’s martyrdom was marked in Iraq on Friday with an estimated 50,000 people thronged in the holy city of Najaf for memorial services.


Images of Ayat Al-Hakim just before martyrdom…

The eye of camera saved some images of Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Baqer Al-Hakim moments before his martyrdom on August 29 in a deadly bombing which took place outside the holy shrine of Al-Imam Ali (as) in the holy city of Najaf, Iraq.


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