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Qom’s Ayatollah advises Egypt to prevent bloodshed

HOLY CITY OF QOM, Iran: In the wake of ongoing tragic events in Egypt, Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Ali Alavi Hosseini (Gorgani) in Qom has advised Egyptian people belonging to all sects and religions to resolve present conflicts by adhering to Almighty Allah’s words in the Holy Quran.

Photo report of Raas Al-Hussein mosque in Cairo

CAIRO, Egypt: Raas Al-Hussein Mosque was built in 1154 near the Khan El-Khalili bazaar. According to some Egyptian narrations Imam Hussein(as)’s head was buried here. The mosque, considered to be one of the holiest Islamic sites in Cairo, was built on the cemetery of the Fatimid caliphs, a fact that was later discovered during the excavation. The Mosque houses some very sacred items like the oldest believed complete manuscript of the Quran.

Ramadan nights at Shrines of Ahl’ol Beit (A) in Egypt

CAIRO, Egypt: Egyptians keep special devotion and unique contact with mosques and shrines of Ahl’ol Bayt Ar-Rasul, or the holy progeny of holy Prophet (A.S.), housed in Cairo and other cities.

Egypt bans Sayedah Zainab b-day celebrations

CAIRO, Egypt: Egyptian government's decision to ban celebration of birth anniversary of Sayedah Zainab (AS), grand daughter of Prophet Muhammad (SW), at her shrine in Cairo has sent a wave of anger among Shiite Muslims.

Anger, condemnation over arrest of hundreds of Shiites in Egypt

CAIRO, Egypt: Head of Egypt's Higher Council of the Al al-Bait Mohammed ad-Dereini has reacted angrily to the country's authorities on arrest of a large number of Shiite Muslims.

Egypt pressures Shi'ites

CAIRO, Egypt: Egypt has been pressuring its Shi'ite community to denounce the Iranian-sponsored Lebanese Hizbullah led by Sheikh Hasan Nasrollah.

Cairo, Baghdad orgs to try Saudi clerics before intl tribunals

LONDON, United Kingdom: The London-based Arabic daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported this week that two Shiite associations of "Ahl Al-Beit" in Cairo and Baghdad were about to "prosecute 22 Saudi clerics before international tribunals.

Al-Azhar looks at opening branch in Iran on Tehran request

CAIRO, Egypt: Egypt's al-Azhar University is considering opening a branch in Iran on the request of Iranian authorities, London-based Ash-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported.

Al-Azhar Varsity agrees on study of Shia student

CAIRO, Egypt: In an unprecedented step, Head of Al-Azhar University (Al-Azhar Sheikh) Dr Mohamed Sayed Tantawi, has agreeed to accept the Shia Lebanese students to study in Al-Azhar University and institutes.

Egypt Reayah Aal Al-Beit Association welcomes step to accept Shias in Al-Azhar

CAIRO, Egypt: Head of Egypt’s Reayah Aal Al-Beit Association Muhammad Ad-Darini has hailed as “nice step” a decision to accept Shia students to study in Al-Azhar University and institutes.

Fears in Egypt on opening Azhar gates for Shias

DUBAI, UAE: The decision of Sheikh of Al-Azhar Dr Muhammad Sayed Tantawi to accept Shia students for studying in the faculties and institutes of Al-Azhar University has created a state of fighting in Egypt.

Egypt says ‘no’ to Imam Hussein (AS) azadari

CAIRO, Egypt: Egyptian authorities have rejected a request by Shias in the country to hold aza (mourning) of Imam Hussein (AS).

Rights report condemn religious discrimination in Egypt

CAIRO, Egypt: Citing a long list of chilling testimonials, human rights groups called on the U.S.-backed Egyptian government to stop discriminating against converts from Islam and members of some religious minorities who want their faiths reflected on their national identity cards.

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