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Kuwait News

Kuwaiti Shiite politicians slams discrimination against their fellow citizens

KUWAIT CITY: Kuwaiti Shiite parliamentarian Saleh Ashour bombarded Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Ahmed Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah with 30 parliamentary questions this week on various issues, including the ministry’s procedures in dealing with Shiite clerics traveling from Kuwait International Airport.

Kuwaiti Shia scholars condemn Bahrain massacre

KUWAIT CITY: Shia clerics in Kuwait while decrying massacre of unarmed citizens of Bahrain at the hands of their government have rejected any interference by Gulf Forces in the affairs of tiny kingdom of Bahrain.

Kuwait … husseiniyaat continue observing sha’a’er for Ashura

KUWAIT CITY: Marking the anniversary of martyrdom of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (AS), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (S), in At-Taff Tragedy 61 AH, Husseini majalis were in continuation across the country.

Kuwaiti Shiites demand public holiday on Ashuraa

KUWAIT CITY: Kuwaiti Shia cleric Sayed Mohamed Baqer Al-Mohri has demanded from the government to announce public holiday on Ashuraa – Moharram 10 – honoring the blood of Abi Al-Ahraar Al-Imam Al-Hussein (peace be on him) and respecting his grandfather Prophet of Allah (peace be on him and his holy progeny).

Mauled-ol Imam Ar-Ridha (A) celebrated in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY: Kuwaitis observed the birth anniversary of Aalim-i-Ahlil Bayt (a.s.) Al-Imam Ali b. Mousa Ar-Ridha (a.s.) on 11 Dhol-Qa’adh with due respect.

Kuwait … Aqeelato Bani Hashem paid homage

KUWAIT CITY: Grand majalis al-azaiyah were held in Kuwait to observe the anniversary of martyrdom of Aqeelato Bani Hashem Sayedah Zaynab Al-Kobra (AS), the granddaughter of Prophet Muhammad (s) and daughter of Al-Imam Ali (AS) and Binte Rasul Fatimah toz-Zahra (AS).

Kuwait Shia Muslim Clerics Council calls for Ashura holiday

KUWAIT CITY: Chairman of Kuwaiti Shia Muslim Clerics Council has called on senior officials to declare Ashura -the tenth day of Muharram and the anniversary of martyrdom of Imam Hossein (AS) - a national holiday in Kuwait.

Layla-tol Wahsha observed with tears and candles in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY: With tears and cries, devotees of Ahlil Beit (a.s.) in Kuwait observed Layla-tol Wahsha or the night that came after Ashura – the day when Imam Hosain (a.s.) was martyred brutally along with his 72 faithful companions.

Husseini rituals observation continues in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY: In Kuwait, husseiniyaat continue to hold majales al-azaiyah paying homage to the matchless sacrifice of Al-Imam Abi Abdellah Al-Hussein (A) and his 72 near and dear ones rendered in 61 AH for supremacy of truth, and honor of human being.

Eid a day of achieving spiritual completion, says Al-Mohri

KUWAIT CITY: Eid is a day of change, development and completion in life of a Muslim human being and after achieving this spiritual and meaningful completion the human being celebrates his victory over Satan’s forces.

Egypt frees Shia Supreme Council, Imam Ali HRC chiefs

CAIRO, Egypt: In Egypt, two Shiite activists who were arrested in October while campaigning against torture have been released, their lawyers said on Sunday December 2.

Bohra Shia mosque plan triggers row in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY: Emirate's municipal council has rejected the request to build a mosque in Kuwait for Bohra Shia Muslims, on the basis that none of estimated 25,000 Bohras in the Gulf state is a Kuwaiti national.

Al-Watan attacks Shair Al-Husseiniyah

KUWAIT CITY: The Kuwaiti Al-Watan daily attacked Shair Al-Husseiniyah (Husseini Rites..Majlis-e-Aza, Matam, processions) and Grand Maraje accusing them for using religion to take control in Iraq.

Mosques strengthen unity…. As-Sahaf opening in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY: As-Sahaf mosque was inaugurated in Kuwait City, which is considered one of the oldest Shiite mosques in Kuwait that has been rebuilt after 150 years.

MBC not to air Shia derogatory serial

KUWAIT CITY: Dubai-based Saudi-owned Arab MBC station has announced that it will not air a Kuwaiti serial deemed derogatory to Shia Muslims because of Kuwait authorities’ decision.

Kuwaiti, Saudi Shias demand MBC to axe 'derogatory' serial

KUWAIT CITY/Riyadh: The Prime Minister of Kuwait has vowed to try to stop the broadcast of a TV serial deemed derogatory to Shia Muslims.

Kuwait witnesses Israa, Meraj and Mab’ath observance

KUWAIT CITY: Kuwaitis observed Al-Israa, AlMeraj and Al-Mab’ath on Rajab 27 with enthusiasm and respect. Special celebrations were held at beautifully decorated mosques and husseiniyaat across the country to mark the occasions.

Imam Ali beacon of thought … Kuwaitis mark Waleed Al-Kabah b-day

KUWAIT CITY: Birth anniversary of Waleed Al-Ka’abah (the one who was born in the House of Allah) Al-Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (AS) on 13 Rajab was celebrated across Kuwait like other countries with veneration and enthusiasm.

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